Your Opinion on OSR

I would like to know about one ones like osr I think that’s what its called and ones like it and I would like to know what one is the best i was thinking about the handy. But some say its not that good and i would like to know from personal experience please and thank you

I have been using the handy for almost 2 years now and it is still my go to when masturbating/edging. I have bought the Kiiroo Keon interactive stroker before I bought the Handy and I totally regretted it. Most other interactive toys cannot produce the speeds that the handy can. I have yet to use the OSR2 so I do not have an opinion on that yet, but the handy is easy to clean, easy to maintain, and easy to edge with. I do recommend replacing the original sleeve the handy comes with. With something like the Fleshlight Quickshot or any lightweight sleeves. (The handy seems to struggle with heavier sleeves in my experience)

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Oh! Also I just checked their website. The handy is on sale for 150 dollars instead of 200!!! GO BUY IT NOW.

went from the keon to the osr2 and the osr2+ is amazing. Maybe not as user friendly when setting up. But the multiaxis functions are very fun and change the experience. more expensive yes but it is faster and with the adapter you load any sleve up to 700g

what about like tempest or the other ones

tempest is the guy who came up with the designs for the osr2+ and SR6

ohhh ok well from what i read the sr6 sounds like the best one

that is the more expensive one like 700-800 USD range, but yes its the most powerful one

does it ever have like a black friday sale or something like that

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Handy is a great intro to strokers. Easy to use and setup.

OSR2 family is great for those who are a little more tech inclined and have a bit more cash. They are much louder than the Handy though. But are faster, more powerful, more detailed, and more immersive.

SR6 is the most powerful. Most loud. Most expensive. I don’t feel that the quality of movement is as good as the OSR2+. Would much rather have a OSR2+ with upgraded servos over a SR6 with stock generic servos.


A full comparison between the Handy and the OSR2/SR6 is really a big can of worms. There are many details one could go over.

The shortest summary I could provide is that the Handy is easier to use, in general, and a lot quieter. It’s a commercial product with some safety features built in and a warranty. It’s powered from the wall, but communicates over your wi-fi network by default. You can use it by hand, but it’s better when mounted.

The OSR2 is not a commercial product, and has no safety features beyond an optional cooling fan (which I would not skip). You either build it yourself or buy it from one of the few people who have made a side business out of building and selling completed units. It’s a lot louder, since it uses servos to provide movement, and those are not quiet devices. You don’t necessarily need to be more technically inclined to use it, once you have a functioning unit in hand and the right software, but solving a problem requires the willingness to dig deeper, though you’ll probably find people willing to help if you put in the effort to describe your problems correctly. It communicates with a computer via USB port, which also powers the Arduino board at the heart of the device, but not the servos. Those must be powered from one or more external power supplies (I use two on mine - one for each servo). It must be mounted to use.

You should provide more information about the environment in which you’d be using the device if you want to get more detailed information. Specifically your computer type, VR headset (if you have one), etc. Also what you might mount the device to, or how much room you have for a movable mount of some kind (e.g. a heavy umbrella stand holding a tube-type monitor mount, which is what I do).

well it wont be for now i have a very small room its like 9ftx6ft my pc is quite powerful and i have a valve index for VR and no i dont have a mount that does sound like a good idea since you said osr and sr6 cant be used by hand

Can it go slower than the handy?

Just buy The Handy and a Truegrip gen2 sleeve. Without a good mount it’s not worth it imo but with a mount it’s crazy good. Like going from once-a-week-to-once-a-day good.

I do not own the handy but I have an osr2+ and its great, but it takes tinkering. There have been several times I’ve gotten all gussied up to have a session and something’s gone wrong, I’ve had a board die on me, a servo take a crap. If you want something simple, a daily driver, I would suggest the handy. The osr2+ is much more luxurious, especially with the twist model, but it hasn’t been without its issues, literally just over the weekend my mount broke, leaving me to either stop everything and print a new one (not happening) tinker with it and slap it on a different mount (not something I was gonna do) or go back to Handria. I broke out an ancient fleshlight launch and finished the job, but I’m still not looking forward to fixing the osr2+

Yeah it can, in terms of the speed limit its able to go above 500

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May vary according to the choice of servo. But generally speaking, YES, and by quite a lot. Thanks to T-Code and MultiFunPlayer.

This is a slow stroke. The Handy sees it as one command. Knowing the minimum speed of the motor, it doesn’t move until the last second.

The OSR, however, communicate with the software in high frequency. The stroke is sent as hundreds of commands, and the OSR update its servo position after each.

Such frequency is achievable with USB. However also possible via Wi-fi (UDP) and Bluetooth (BT5, not Handy’s BLE).

This is part of the reason I’m more inclined towards recommending T-Code devices such as the SSR1. As a scripter, it means I don’t have to compromise my script to accommodate the machine.


@Falafel broke it down amazingly (and with graphics!!), only adding my 2 cents.

Slow scripts are amazing on the OSR devices when paired with smooth servos. They feel amazingly immersive and real.

Worth calling out that basic cheap China servos are not as good as they have more pronounced “step” between their travel and can feel jittery during long slow movements (still better than how the Handy handles them (or doesn’t handle at all)).

I’m guilty of scripting to the action with zero regard for the toy. OSR GANG! haha.


Oh man I didn’t know the OSR can follow slower scripts… Blowjobs must be insane with it combined the multi-axis. One day I’ll bite the bullet.

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damn i think sr6/osr2+ maybe what i want