Your thoughts on this proposal to the Handy guys

Posted this on Reddit, just wondering what you guys think.

SlowScripter here :wave:

Handy sleeve adaptors.
A common problem I see, is users having trouble mounting sleeves like Onaholes. What I am suggesting is a series of sleeves designed for sleeve mounting and not the stimulation.

One example.
I own the La Bocca Della Verita, it’s a great sleeve but due to its build it is not very compatible with the handy. Due to its soft material, simply tighten down the strap cuts off the space needed to enter the canal. In addition the soft material makes it very floppy and hard to keep in place. I believe a larger Handy sleeve designed to fit over the La Bocca Della Verita would help hold the sleeve in place. The stretchy Handy material would add needed girth for holding the strap in place, at the same time allow enough give for insertion. Also, the Handy sleeve material grips the onahole like glue, so slipping will not be an issue. This should be a simple build. A non textured canal, with the strap mounting rings on the outside. I believe these would be a popular line, and a great addition to the Handy sleeve lineup. Additional sleeves designed to work with Fleshlight, Tenga, and other popular brands would complete the lineup.

Something to consider, easy fellas :+1:


But wouldn’t that add even more weight? As far as I understand it, anything over 400g is too heavy. It would be great if you could activate a turbo mode for heavy sleeves but I think then the engine would warm up too quickly.

Yes the weight could be an issue. Perhaps the sleeve could be thinner on the ends and a little thicker in the middle, this could cut down on the weight.

There are 2 things that I dislike about TheHandy. The mounting or lack there of, and the sleeves. They just make it feel like a janky experience. Creating a hands free mount was simple enough and creating a mount for a Fleshlight Go was a game changer. The feel and response are just so much better imo. Also, the stock strap can actually hold the fleshlight go on it’s own, though it’s tricky to get it right. You need to get the strap over the ribs of the Fleshlight case just below the sleeve. The strap does move a bit on TheHandy’s frame though. Still works and feels great, but once I hardmounted it with a 3d printed mount it was actually fairly noticeable, especially on short strokes which now feel AMAZING!

The fleshlight and it’s mount weighs 510g, and it has been handling it fine for about a year now. It takes an hour plus of cockhero/pmv runs before I really feel any heat, and even then it has never overheated. In my experience it never really gets hot from normal porn.

As far as recommendations for TheHandy developers. There is room inside the handy the put the thread mount on the unit. I almost did this with a rivnut as the mount I first made would occasionally wiggle it’s self off mid use. That said I would prefer a “heavy duty” version. Something with a couple of mounting points, a heavier duty stepper motor, and a modular mechanically fastened carriage system to allow mounting a variety of toys easier.

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Good suggestions! In our discord you can chat directly to our HW designer (and SW engineers) :slight_smile: The Handy (Official)

Any feedback/suggestions are very welcomed!

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What about having a silicone sock design that can be wrapped over the sleeve to hold it in place, with some loops which the strap can hold on. It could even be a mixture of fabric and silicone like the newer strap has.

Especialy when its a silicone/fabric combo, weight should be managable.

Most simple sleeves arent too heavy, they just dont have a good attachment/grip point. And while the newer strap does help a bit here, its generaly not wide enough to realy hold those sleeves.

And if you cant make it stretch this flexible, you could still have the seperate build in straps on that sock itself, so the user can still tweak the points to which it tries to grip. For example something like:

those straps can in this case be like 0.5cm wide. They dont need to hold all the weight, they are there to define the shape which to grap on.

In this case you can also decide to put the sock just slightly over the edge, so the sleeve cant drop out at all as it would first have to stretch the sock (which then causes a lot of friction, which is what secures it in place)

And if the sock is too long, you can roll it over backward. length is well adjustable that way.

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Thank you for your suggestion. I have forwarded it to the HW team:-)

The problem I see with this, and the reason they most likely stick to the smaller sleeves is because if it goes too much above or below the carriage it can contact the main body which could cause jams, tears, etc. Your sock would need to be a rigid material to avoid this.

There can be several ways to get around it.

If for example the sock has a maximum for bending near the carriage, it could be just enough so it never actualy will allow it to be jammed. It probably will mean some plastic is used there for this property then.

Another alternative could be having a buffer to keep the sleeve further away from the carriage. We arent going to support very heavy sleeves, so this extra distance shouldnt do too much.

The sort of sleeve i used as reference for the idea is a tenga spinner, which is lightweight, but has no gripping point. It also has a dynamic width near the top because of the spinning property, which generaly demands something to stretch to contain it.

A fleshlight sleeve is already going to be too heavy and bulky. I think no matter what attachment method you use, its weight will be disruptive. And while it could work on lower speeds, if that is your desired result, the launch is more likely going to perform better here anyway. I dont see this as a need to compete with, as the speed of the handy is 1 of the main reasons to use the handy.

Most onaholes are also not that big. As size makes them more expensive, and they are often designed to remain cheap. Which means a lot of them will become suitable when they can be decently attached. But yes, the more bulky bottom section could end up a bit disruptive here. But i think that the handy often performs better when the entry point is closer to the carriage itself. The further away, the less of a thrusting effect it will give. And the closer it is, the less likely it will jam there.

And having something like a rod in it, to allow floppy sleeves to be kept straight could on that be a nice feature, epspecialy when its only above the carriage.

I see plenty of options to get around main issues.

Sometime I’ll take an old worn and stretched out Gen2 sleeve and slip that over whatever new sleeve for a firmer and less floppy experience. It may make for a tight fit with the stock strap, but it is light enough that the Handy isn’t working overtime

I tried this. Worked good for mounting the sleeve, but made it too tight to even enter.

I think hese materials may grip each other a bit too much. You might wear-down or tear the material after removing it a certain number of times from the “sock”.

Maybe they could be designed as one-use. As in, you buy one per sleeve and leave it on the sleeve almost indefinitely so it’s more like a sleeve mod than a handy mounting system.

I think that purely depends on materials used. The improved handy strap is already a fabric+silicone combination to get optimal grip. I wouldnt be surprised if for the sock they can use a similar method to set tightness for gripping there.

Fabric generaly works well since its a very sturdy material to work with. Even some stretch over time isnt going to harm.

Gripping wise you cant realy get ‘too much’. Since a sturdy grip is what you need. The only risk is simply setting the straps too tight. But that is already an issue with the current straps anyway (just dont set it too tight).

Ultimately, this is the type of thing which I’d like to see for the next version of the Handy. I think a more modular sleeve and desk mount attachment system would be beneficial. When you buy camera gear/accessories, there’s always like 6 screw holes available to attach things to- that’s what I’d like to see with these devices- multiple screw holes for mounting. When it comes to the sleeve aspect, I’d like to see the same. A block with a few screw holes or other type of attachment system which the company or modders can leverage to make a variety of sleeve holders. The current piece of plastic and elastic band which holds sleeves could easily be a modular piece which could be replaced with a different piece of plastic to hold different types of sleeves.

My 2 cents: a version with multiple axes of movement (spin the sleeve for example). Or alternatively a vibrating sleeve - recently crammed a sleeve into a lovense gush and it just barely fits; not an ideal solution but I like the idea of having multiple avenues of stimulation.