1,000 HighQuality AI scripts released - we nailed it 🔥

I can’t be more excited to release the first 1,000 of High Quality AI scripts and all of these work with smartphones now. Reviews are much better than expected and scripts are getting even better with algorithms updates.

These are made on first pass, fully automated and we should be able to render 1,000 of these in an hour compared to two weeks of manual work.

It’s a breakthrough in haptics as we only had 1 in 20 videos scripted manually and users were very vocal to get their favorite ones done.

We don’t expect AI to replace state of the art Realcumber scripts. Yet automated scripts are great to enjoy where there’s none.

Scripting flat videos should be next. We already start adding flat videos with scripts on SLR. Enjoy special Scripts + SexLIkeReal price with SCRIPTAI join page code.

It’s a huge milestone for us. Thx the whole dev team, Realcumber and community for all your help and support. A lot more is coming

We are looking to get most of SLR database scripted soon. As algorithms are constantly being improved we will re-render all the scripts from time to time.

Really loved @Realcumber reaction:

Realcumber Hi,
these again were all fully automated no manual touch ups? If so, then this is pretty huge improvements from the last

  • no more harsh strokes anywhere
  • depths are alot better matched than previous
  • missed strokes in large sections seem to now have all been captured
  • even obstruction parts are significantly improved
  • important variety is still maintained in the script

Script 10100 can be released as is, most guys wont notice anything problematic if at all
(you could probably release them all and ‘most’ would be fine with them - especially if they havent tried a manual script for them). Biggest improvement is scene 34865 which is night and day difference. There isnt a whole left to improve to be honest as most guys will probably enjoy theseThese are the best AI versions I’ve seen to date. Toughest parts are when multiple girls are going in different directions, but thats hard even for manual scripters


So can you make that program available for purchase ? I would love to have my own ability for vast old collection of videos to make for personal use


Appreciate you providing the seal of approval from Realcumber. If he say’s they’re good, then they’re probably pretty good!


I think we will. Give us some time to deploy everything. There’s still a ton of back-office logistics to handle to make everything smoothly.

Otherwise I can perfectly see this service available for SLR users to script their own videos in cloud.


Good to hear. Your JAV script collection is sorely lacking but sounds like those days are coming to an end! Do JAV scripts introduce any unique issues for the AI due to pixelation or the prevalence of sitting face to face cowgirl where the action might not be as obvious?


Once we release MosaicAI to censor Japanese videos we also plan to have scripts made as a side product.


Does in cloud mean that users will not be able to get the script to be a file that is local on their PC?


Everything is going to work like it is.

im not familiair with how that is?

Are we able to download the program on our pc’s, login with our SLR account, and then be able to script local files with this?


This would save a lot of time with manual scripts if you could let the ai do most of the work and touch it up

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holy shit, these AI Scripts got the realcumber seal of approval? thats BIG, congrats on a huge step forward, i look forward to trying one of the scenes you have released myself very soon and then hopefully seeing some of my personal fave scenes finally get a script :smiley:

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I too am not getting the information I am seeking. @doublevr

For those of us who are not SLR users can you please elaborate.

TBH if the software wont let me save a local copy of the script file it is a deal breaker for me.


It will.
You guys are good at panic ahead of time. It’s going to be a cloud software with local download.


Automated scripts aren’t replacing manual any time soon.

It’s the best option for videos with no craft scripts.

All the SLR scripts initiatives hold :+1:

Once again, craft and automated scripts are two separate products like massmarket and craft beer or whiskey. Dynamics will be different, but these are fundamental.

There will be always demand for craft scripts. I’m more looking into our peer-to-peer scripting effort for both VOD and live interaction. Ultimately we are working to get every user rewarded for their scripting effort by SLR community with no legal entity required as long as you are using reward points within SLR economy buying Premium, live cams, our upcoming sex toy and sending to other community members.

Also there will be sophisticated script uniqueness checker among all known scripts all over the internet.

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im not panicking at all, just looking for some clear answers lol


Btw ultimately we are looking to have to majority of SLR database scripted in a matter of a month or two. As algorithms are constantly being improved we will re-render all the scripts every time.

It’s always unique how it jumps LOL

No worries, we will get things the right way

I wonder if mixed content is an option here, so 90% of the script is AI generated, and 10% crafted?

As there can be additional benefits here: the AI could use this crafted portion as input to see which points it can use, and potentialy improve itself. Or it could even mark the portion as just being a guess, and therefor basicly ask for a manualy crafted portion (still keeping its base generated content there as long as no crafted content is made yet).

I think this is a thing that can make AI very efficient. And if done well, maybe that 90/10 ratio might become 99/1 then.

The main reason a crafted script is that good is because the harder to script portions are done better. Something AI will nearly always struggle with. But at the same time i think AI is very well capable of recognising this.

I think so