12K VR Scenes

I noticed VRBangers (and maybe others?) are beginning to offer 12K VR now. Anyone know if the Quest3 can natively play these, or if this is a PCVR-only space for the moment?

I downloaded the VRBangers one of Leana Lovings Didn’t work for me on the quest 3 using Heresphere. No error messages, just didn’t play. May try again to check if was just a problem with the DL, but file size matched… > 40 gig yikes.

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Good to know! Ill have to post over on the heresphere forums and ask about 12k support if there isnt already a thread. Entirely possible the Q2 can’t do it, but if it can I don’t mind giving up the storage space for some primo scenes :slight_smile:

According to the VRBangers site, you have to use the PLAY’A app, which makes sense since it’s their in-house app.

I think eventually @Heresphere will update to allow 12K playback but for now I’m perfectly happy with 8K, particularly with their 8K.

I think that after about a year of poor releases, VRBangers is smashing it lately. Great casting, great scenes, and most of all, stunning visual quality. Their latest Melody Marks scene just looks jaw-dropping at 8K in the Quest 3. I think it’s the first time I get the feeling of watching an HD scene in VR.


That’s interesting, maybe I’ll give the PLAYA app a try just to see how it looks. DLd the 10K Lena video and that also didn’t play.