2 different scripts for 2 different toys

So, i have this idea, how would i be able to have two scripts for the same video going at the same time?
I tried with having more instances of intiface but intiface doesn’t want to do it

Try using 2 instances of MulitFunPlayer. Link both to the same video source. Then have each one assigned to a different device. Manually load the funscripts to each device.

Didn’t know that existed, it works, thanks dude!

@SavagePastry @tacco

You dont have to run multiple instances. MFP was designed to support multiple toys at the same time, you can add as many serial/udp/tcp etc. outputs as you want and connect each to a different device.

Also you dont have to manually load scripts, just name the script file the same as the video file (<video name>.funscript) and MFP will auto load scripts.


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