2 questions one about sleves and secound one about scripting

So i have questions for you guys can i fit other sleve to the handy other than original like mouth of true etc.
And secound question is there any way to script games like monster girl island and monster girls island thanks in advance

yes you can use other sleeves with the handy but keep in mind the weight if it is too heavy the machine will slow down and might cause it to break down.
scripting a game can be done if it is an interactive story type of game (in other words you make a decision and it shows a short scene, make a decision again and… you get what i mean), but i think it then needs a little file that swithces between the script made for each scene, ad i have no idea if that exists. An action game script is impossible to do, it would be easier to have the toy react to the input of the controller.

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I use a vulcan, I think tenga are similar. the hard shell is relatively small and fits well, this is about the max circumference that will fit in the original strap.

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