360º VR compilation - looking for script ideas

Really cool concept 360° Blowjob Compilation 01 - 360 Degree Virtual Reality Blowjob Compilation

Curios what would be the best way to approach to script it :thinking:

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Maybe script only the girl in front of the video?

It might be really hard to maneuver with a toy on your cock to follow the action, assuming the laying position in the compilation. When you look to your right or left the toy will be in the place of the girl in the center of the video anyway, although with a bed big enough you might change your position to the desired girl I guess…

I like laying on the bed myself too but a lot of guys watch while sitting on a desk/gaming chair it swivels so they can watch any girl they like, so i think when you script one girl it will feel wrong if your facing another one, of course ideally it would switch scripts when looking at another girl but that needs what 8 scripts and a system that can change between them instantly.

script all of the given scenes in the compilation and have the chapters in the SLR app be separate scripts?