3D Printing Service? Anyone?

Hey guys, do you know any 3D printing service not that expensive in EU? Is anyone interested in printing some stuff to me? I want to try a Handy mount, but I didn’t have a good experience finding a place to print the models here in Spain. I was wondering if someone in the forum knows a good place or maybe is already providing their own service :slight_smile:

I would be down to help you out. I am US based however :grimacing:

i know xometry do this but i don’t know how much it cost, i never tried.

I could also provide some prints or insights on choosing prints but am US based.

Hit me up. Norwegian Based.

Hey! I’ve just checked the forum again :slight_smile:

@FreeHand and @burningshroom I’ll try to find someone in UE because I think shipping and taxes will kill me, but thanks anyway!

@a_human_bot I’ve just checked the website, prices are insane! Just one piece of the model was like €70.

@19cmlang thanks! Sending DM :slight_smile:

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I always figured if my 3D printing equipment couldn’t print something(huge print or if I needed a resin or some other specialty print) or my stuff was broken and I needed a print that I’d go to https://www.reddit.com/r/3Dprintmything/
It seems they have a feedback thread in there so you could find someone with a good reputation to not produce bad quality prints or get ripped off.
I’m in the US and found that shipping costs can be a little rough even if it is only an hour drive away.

I don’t know if there is Craigslist or a similar gig type search in your area, but finding someone local or asking any friends(your Facebook friends list might have someone with a printer) and getting someone locally to print something might be the best way to get something printed for cheap because you might be able to just pick it up in person and not pay for shipping. I imagine using a professional/commercial service would be the most expensive way to print, but if it is a one-off, I imagine the cost isn’t too bad.

I can do stuff also, depending on what you need. Small items I can send with just few euros usually but bigger packages cost a lot to send.

i don’t tought it was so dear, 70€ is high when you can buy a decent printer at 300 it can be quickly profitable.
thank for the information.

Adding to this, I don’t know if it’s the same in Europe, but a lot of public libraries have 3D printers available for use. You just have to follow their guidelines. All of the ones I’ve seen have just been, “One model per day” type rules restricting amount of print per time.

I could 3D print smaller stuff if needed. I’m in the Netherlands

Hey anyone just throwing out an FYI to all, I can 3D print any of the SSR1/OSR/SSR6/ or any of the constantly new ones coming out as I’m one of his patron subscribers. I’m in Australia if anyone needs anything on the south side of the world 3D printed DM me. i can do it at cost price. i just really enjoy it :slight_smile:

If needed I can 3D Print in Europe. You just pay for material cost and postage.

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Why not just buy a bambu lab a1 mini and some filament…could print many handy accessories that way for cheap. Bambu lab have a sale on right now too.

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Thanks! I don’t need right now, but I’ll save your contact for the future. I don’t mind to pay a fair price on top of the shipping + mats. Thanks again!

No prob; just let me know if you’ll need anything.