3DPrinted Fleshlight to Kiiroo Keon Adapter

Hello there,

first of I know Fleshlight sleeves fit into the Kiiroo Keon case but there’s one problem I face with it, that is that they will rub against the inside of the Keon but I still want to use them with the Keon so I made this adapter in 2 or so hours yesterday. And despite one drawback I come to later I love it.

Have a look at the following pictures and let me explain what I’ve created.

Well it’s simply a “specialized FL cap” that has the ability to mount into your Keon.
So you just unscrew the cap of your FL case and screw the adapter on instead. It will then tighten around the sloped portion of the FL case so it won’t move much during use (and protect the tiny threads) and then add the cap back on top again. That’s it.
One thing I do recommend is adding foam tape on the inner bevel of the adapter as to not scratch your case but it works without as well.


Technical stuff - 3D Printing
Now to the technical portion, I’ve printed mine on a Prusa Mini 2 and Prusa Slicer in ASA at 0.2mm layerheight,15% infill and you will need supports. The inner supports will be hard to remove but you can try disabling those in your slicer.
Thingyverse Thing (updated link)

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Def worth trying, I can’t seem to be able to access into the page, could you share the model?

Yeah, that site has a new user policy for some reason which locks it for 24h and you can’t share it on here.
But here you go.
Temporary DL

Thanks a lot, will try to print it ant report if any tweaks were necessary

you likely want this

it’s a clip on ring that stops the rubbing!

( I can confirm it stops the rubbing with stock sleeves.)


Yeah I’ve seen that one as well after putting mine on thingyverse, but I haven’t gotten around to printing that one.