Kiiroo Keon Fleshlight Adapter

Hello, I am looking for a Kiiroo Keon Fleshlight Adapter in 3D printing

hm dont now exactly why youre searching for that… cause i can fit the fleshlights very well in the case from the keon. its a bit tight fit yeah, cause the keon case for its sleeves are a little bit smaller, but overall no problem to get the fleshlights sleeves in it, and they holding in there perfectly. did you try that?

and well, the 3d printed case for the sleshlights has to be smaller again than it shopuld be, cause otherwise it wouldnt fit in the keon… so… i dont think there is a good other solution than just using the keon case with fleshlights, as i said, for me its works fine.

hello thank you for your answer I’m looking for an adapter where I can use the Keon with the fleshlight air

ah, that wasnt clear in you entry post. well this makes sense now. but i would say, a little bit of rubber or kneat around the endge would do too. but thats up to you.

Hello, I built my own adapter and printed it in 3D. It’s not quite finished yet

just put your sleeve in the spare fleshlight that’s what I do the clear one have kinda sucks for anything else since the ring comes out .

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