7k / 8k Videos are stuttering / lagging. Need help

6.1k Videos barely run stable but need long to load. Thats the highest resolution i can run. If i try to play 7k or 8k videos i can only see like 1 frame per second. I have a 5700 xt gpu. If i look up 5700xt max resolution i find 8k@60fps, which is the same for the 6900 xt. I am considering a gpu upgrade but am i even gpu limited or is this some type of encoder thing ?

I tried installing klite codec pack, didnt help. Videos lagg on both Windows Movies & TV Player and in DeoVR.

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How much ram u got? I find more ram helps everything and is cheaper than gpu upgrade

i have 2x 16gb ram so that shouldnt be an issue

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Well…. We have reached the limit of my technical expertise. I am sorry. My thoughts and prayers are with u. We all deserve 8k porn

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did you download the HEVC Video Extensions in the microsoft store or HEVC Video Extensions from Device Manufacturer

have you tried setting your graphics setting and selecting the app and making sure it runs on the 6900xt? hmmm search for grahic settings on the pc then open up the program then you probably get the idea…

hmmmmmm make sure to have the latest amd driver … bla bla bla

uhhhh Vlc player works well

hmmm on your amd adrenaline program undervolting ftw and uhhh on graphic setting on global and display just turn everything off

if i think of anything else ill post it

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i did download the HEVC Video extensions from the microsoft store. it didnt help.
the thing with the latest drivers from amd is that they dont work with virtual desktop. And the latest one working for virtual desktop is causing grey screen issues which is why im currently running on the 22.5.1.

vlc probably wont help since its in both deovr and in windows. Honestly it might just be a driver issue knowing AMD… Imma try 22.4.2 now . What gpu are you guys using btw?

Edit: i tried 2 different drivers and that didnt help so probably not a driver issue.

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Try installing K-Lite codec pack. Have yet to come across a video that doesn’t work, and it configures your codecs so that GPU acceleration is used where possible.

If that doesn’t fix it I would check your drivers to rule it out as an issue. You can always downgrade if it doens’t make a difference for your virtual desktop needs.

You are not using quest 2 with questlink (either wireless or wired) right? In that case the issue might be gpu related indeed, as the GPU needs to process and encode an additional video stream; the one between your headset and your pc.

like i said ive tried k-lite codec pack and it didnt change anything. i also changed drivers and ddu and it didnt change anything. and i am using a quest via wireless virtual desktop.

Make sure you’re using the Heresphere demo instead of Deovr.

I see. If you have installed K-Lite open codec tweak tool. Under fixes apply “reregister direct-show filters” and reset your settings. Try playing your video through MPC-HC after.

Just FYI; I can’t stream >6k on my gtx3060 either through questlink or virtual desktop with the video playing on my pc without stuttering. Everything plays fine using my old WMR headset which connects directly through HDMI. I now play VR directly on the headset, but if you have an original quest that may be difficult.

I reread your post. It seems you are confusing maximum display resolution with video decoding capability. The H265 decoding capability of XT5700 is 8k @24fps.


virtual desktop is not the problem here because the video stutters in windows player and the k-lite player as well. Ive just tried the klite open codec tweak tool but it doesnt even save when i change something.

thx, i had the suspission that the gpu might be too weak. Do you know if the 6800/6900 xt can encode h265 in 8k@60fps ?

Edit: apparently it cannot https://www.reddit.com/r/Amd/comments/opr6t1/rx6900xt_or_7k_8k_vr_videos_possible/

thats crazy to me that amds flagship isnt even able to run 8k @ 60 fps.

Ah that is surprising; luckily there are alternatives from Nvidia. RTX2k/3k series might be dropping in price with RTX4k series around the corner.
But please refer to my earlier comment about streaming video to the headset and decoding at the same time; you will probably still run into issues. I went with the Quest 2 and now play my videos directly on the headset.

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to me it seems like you might be limited by your bandwith / wifi. I have a 1k MB connection and my router is right next to me so i feel like i wont run into issues with that. Also i hate to use cables, id rather watch low quality vids than being limited in my movement.

Let me be more specific; the part of the graphics card in your pc that is responsible for decoding the 8k h265 video stream into a working image, is also simultaneously used by virtual desktop for encoding another H265 stream which is to be displayed on your quest.

Virtual desktop us mostly used for gaming I reckon where other parts of the GPU are used, and the media component only has to encode the rendered frames to a video stream in which case there is no bottleneck.

P.S. Wireless = best indeed. I posted my config here. How do I connect my OSR2+ to my Quest 2? - #6 by TheHandyman


i just wanted to try out the xtplayer but seems like it doesnt support bluetooth.

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