A long time story: How to sell scripts? (a poll is included)

Hi everybody,

now I am personally forced to think about paid scripts and how to sell them. The payment is the mean problem because of restrictions by paypal and others.

Porn marketplaces seems only to work with visual creators and the problem is I don’t have rights on the videos for my scripts. Should I make cgi videos in the same length and sell those with the included scripts? But how should people know, that the script was originally for a other video? Maybe extralunchmoney.com is a option, I have to contact them. Cryptos… what should I say, it become more easier and cheaper to use them, but still much more complicate than paypal, credit card, debit or whatever. Atm there a only two paid script shops, realsync and sexlikereal. Realsync.com uses only crypto (outside from usa) and sexlikereal.com, as far as I know, only sell script to their listed videos and only VR. I spend a lot of time to think about starting a patreon, at first not for scripting just for a site project that collect scripts in a database like scriptaxis. But is patreon a good choice? I can’t get any further, I need the help of the community and maybe somebody else who has the same problem get help too. So my idea is to start a poll first and see how the reaction are.

I am grateful for any participation!

The poll is multiple choice with 6 choices max:

  • I don’t have a problem paying with crypto
  • I like the way sexlikereal do it
  • I like sexlikereal, but I miss 2D content and other studios at VR
  • If there is enough value content, I support creators over patreon
  • I like the way realsync do it
  • I like the realsync shop, but the payment method keeps me from buying
  • I like to see the first onlyfans script creator :wink:
  • Extralunchmoney could be a option for me
  • I don’t want to pay for scripts
  • I think that the available scripts are too expensive

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I hope neither realsync nor sexlikereal have a problem with the survey, else contact me. Both shops are great and are good for the interactive toy community. I am a customer of both.


Only if you live in the US.

Ah okay I did not know that. Could have written to it then^^

SLR’s subscription (or lifetime sub) method is really the clear winner. Even when a script isn’t all that great, I don’t really mind because it doesn’t feel like it’s specifically that one I’m paying for, and they allow for free script integration just by changing the script name to the video ID on the site. It’s an extremely convenient one-stop-shop. The obvious limitation being, as mentioned, that they are restricted by what studios they have agreements with.

I think one of the bigger issues is going to be competing with SLR using any a la carte offering. Paying $2-5 for a single script is going to limit most people to only buying ones that they’ve really been looking for and ignoring 90% of the standard scenes that end up on there since SLR just provides a much better value in that department. Before their script subscription, for instance, I think I dropped around $80 into RS. Since then: $0. Though, in fairness, releases have also slowed to a trickle.

Patreon does seem like a good way to go about things, but I don’t think there’s much demand for purely a script aggregator without actual new content; that’s already being provided more-or-less for free by the lists and search functions on this site. As far as using it for actually distributing scripts, you’d need to be pretty prolific or have a group of scripters pooling their output to make it worth more than a minimal contribution; the obvious problem being that while a $10 subscription might work out to $2 or so a script at a normal pace, most people aren’t really going to be all that interested in a good chunk of the scripts produced. Chances are you’ll have people waiting a while until there’s enough good back-content, dropping $10 for one month, and then grabbing everything on offer and cancelling until there’s enough content built up to be worth $10 again.

Those are my thoughts, at least.


Thanks @Sinibus for sharing your thoughts with us.

From my site, a 2$ patreonfor 2 or 3 scripts per month should be possible to start. But at least 100 supporter are necessary, else it don’t make sense. If more people supporting such an patreon, more content is possible. Maybe with a cooperation with other scripters.

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I like how SLR and realsync does it.
But: I hate crypto and in my opinion it should be banned worldwide, but that’s a different topic. It would be hard to make it like SLR. As you mentioned the payment options are a huge problem. Also copyright for the videos maybe?

Patreon would be a good way in my opinion. Easy to set up, easy payment, you have a lot of freedom and creativity in setting it up and presenting it.
But: Will there be enough people supporting it? Will there be enough people supporting it for a longer time than a month? Is the overall money you make worth it, compared to the time and effort you put into it?

If it works and you get enough people, it would be great. I was also thinking making a patreon. I scrapped that idea, because it would put some pressure to oneself. I would feel like, that I have to put content there and I would feel bad, if I don’t put enough content there.

I did brainstorm some ideas though for setting up a patreon, that could be helpful for your decision.

It would have 3 tiers:

  • Tier 1 = 1$ / month → gets access to basic scripts. Basic scripts have a length from 1 minute to 10 minutes. (length can be adjusted)

  • Tier 2 = 3$ / month → gets access to basic + premium scripts. They are longer than 10 minutes. Gets access to polls, where they can vote on which video to script next.

  • Tier 3 = 5$ / month → gets access to basic + premium scripts and access to very exclusive scripts you choose by hand and put out occasionally. Gets access to polls, where they can vote on which video to script next with a voting power x2. Is also able to suggest videos, which you may put into vote and script right away. Also gets exclusive access to your script database.

All numbers could of course be adjusted.
Something, that could be put in would be, that higher tier members could ask you for tips and tricks and you would check out their scripts and give them feedback on it.

It is a lot of work though. You would need to convivence people to subscribe to you. But if you deliver such content, there is a chance you get the 100 subs. Some advertisement is needed if course. Handy reddit and discord would be a good place and this place here as well.

Since it’s a lot of work putting all this together, you could get overwhelmed and burn out quickly. A patreon needs timeinvestment, otherwise people will not subscribe or stay subscribed.

I think so too, that is a high chance happening. You would need to put time and effort into it, without getting anything out of it. You may get something out of in the future, but it could be, that not enough people will subscribe. All the work would be pretty much for nothing.

That’s pretty good idea. You could have some special scripters making scripts and you put them on the patreon. Access to these scripts for at least tier 2 users. And then you can share some of the made money with that scripter.

To sum it up:

:heavy_plus_sign: easy payment
:heavy_plus_sign: room for creativity for presenting and setting it up
:heavy_plus_sign: easy to involve the community with votes and polls
:heavy_plus_sign: if it works out, long time profit over time

:heavy_minus_sign: risky, might not work out at all
:heavy_minus_sign: you have to put content in, while not having profit for a while
:heavy_minus_sign: needs care and support all the time
:heavy_minus_sign: you put content in, but nobody subscribed or stays subscribed long enough
:heavy_minus_sign: could lead to pressure, because you have to put content out regulary to keep people subscribed

I hope it helps a bit.


How about an offer forum? Like if I’m willing to offer 20 bucks for somone to script an old 3 minute video? Or more… however much would make it worth their time - then of course agreeing to a clause that you won’t distribute it (they could even make a slight variation to pinpoint if you do somewhere in the script… like a script watermark, in a way) and then the creator can go on and offer that somewhere else.

Also… no one wants paypal? Wouldn’t that also work?

There are other possibilities to prevent one month pay / leach all. You could offer only the most recent content on lower tiers and you need to select a higher more pricey tier to get access to older content. That won’t prevent leaching/ripping but you get more money for it. An other variant is that it’s how long you have been a supporter that decide how much of the older content you have access to. That way you can’t just pay for a month and leach everything. The drawback is that someone would have to wait months possibly to get a specific script depending on its age.

SLR solved it by adding a quota per day, or similar, for high speed downloads I think. Exceed the quota and the bandwidth is greatly reduced. That prevents 24/7 downloads continuously to get every video you can get hold on during a temporary sub for a month. That won’t work for scripts. There SLR limits it to 3 downloads a months, but no restrictions when streaming.

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Another thought on retaining people: Voting

At lower tiers, vote on scripts scripters are interested in scripting to begin with
At higher tiers, maybe something like putting points towards getting a specific video scripted. Or get to decide what gets listed for voting in the first place. Something like that.

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Scripts aren’t worth paying for. There’s a price gate to download them to begin with.

Well, that’s your opinion. One could say that interactive strokers are not worth paying for, you can use your hand for free too :wink:


I’m interested to see what you end up doing, I looked at doing this as a potential side hustle but just didn’t seem worth it.

Crypto is the obvious answer for receiving payments but it severely cuts down your potential client list. I feel like it’s hard enough to get people to pay for stand alone scripts as it is.

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Im sorta interested in this, similar to slibowitz. Might as well get paid for when one makes their own wank material. I kinda like the idea on tiered subs. Cheaper monthly subs for those short phub edit videos and anything longer than 30mins, specially big studio files are on a higher monthly sub. Crypto is too complicated as getting them where im from is unnecessarily complicated. Collaborating with multiple scripters is nice as it adds value and ease of use for people. Problem is how to split that but that is a problem for some other time. If everyone started their own patreon, potential supporters are going to split and probably make a community that spreads the scripts from a creator and share it. Kinda like whats happening now on streaming services where piracy made a comeback because shows are spread around on so many different streaming services.

Another idea is maybe a tip system. We get likes/hearts, and an option to receive a tip and they can decide to give as much as they see fit. This is more of a temporary thing


Something like that, make it easy:

Calculated script time = scripted time of blowjobs * 2 + scripted time of penetration with unvisible genitals * 1,5 + scripted time of penetration

Percentage of revenue for a scripter = sum of calculated time of a scripter / (calculated time of all scripts / 100)


200 Dollars on patreon income, all scripters made 10 scripts with an allover time of 200 minutes, scripter 1 made 2 scripts with 50 minutes, scripter 2 = 100 mins, scripter 3 = 25 mins, scripter 4 = 25mins

scripter 1 gets 50 dollars
scripter 2 gets 100 dollars
scripter 3 and 4 gets 25 dollars each

I think only one user should administrate the patreon account, so this user gets an expense compensation 5% of earnings.

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im not good at math. all i can say, sounds good and thought out lol. If ever you’re starting one, i’ll send my portfolio and apply haha.

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An update:

Extra Lunch Money will not offer haptic files (funscripts). You can only sell there if you are the performer in the video and photo content. You can sell used socks there but not funscripts, funny decision.

But I found another marketplace for digital content. Gumroad is a digital marketplace, the terms say that you can sell adult content here. The Fees are great, good payments methods, but the shop isn’t that user friendly.

THANKS to all the users who participated yet!

Poll is open till 12.02, saturday.

Happy to support your endeavors to monetize your scripts but I hope you consider that moving outside of RS/SLR/Patreon can 1) make you harder to find & 2) some may be hesitant to sign up for another service they are unfamiliar with.

I think if your allowed to try and diversify the availability of your scripts to multiple outlets as much as possible to capture a wider audience. At least in the short term…

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