Gumroad Shopping

I will inform you in this thread about major changes at gumroad shopping.

All the creators who sell on gumroad (A-Z):

Other, eroscripts related people on gumroad (A-Z):

Creators or others who stopped selling on gumroad (A-Z):

  • Cerbere (vr)
  • comrade420 (vr)

I hope I listed all shop owners here. If not msg me.

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SORRY HeelsLover69!

no problem :grin: !

oh cool I dont even have to adjust any setting

I added Phazio, timmaerevoet and hugecat to gumroad shop owner list.

hell yes, makes things easier :slight_smile:

I added Despo and Secretsanta to the seller list.

Tx man !

Gumroad wont accept Revolut Card which is a problem.

Hello everyone, it wouldn’t be bad to be able to choose another payment method.

I offer amazon gift cards as payment. Paypal isn’t possible because of the adult material restriction.

Any other ideas?

Thank you for your quick response mADsCRIPTS. Amazon gift cards good idea that would be something or Apple / Google I’m more for VR.

Gift cards is perfect if scripters offer that method.
If your scripter is in the same region :confused:

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Product bundles are now available on Gumroad. Check the official news: