A Playback-Device Poll (restarted)

I’m interested in how users have fun here? Are you oldschool desktop wankers or fully equipped with VR?

Don’t forget to fill out the second poll here !

Which OS do you use?
  • Windows
  • Android
  • macOS
  • iOS
  • Linux

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Which device do you use?
  • Desktop PC / Notebook + VR Gear
  • Tablet + VR Gear
  • Smartphone + VR Gear
  • Desktop PC / Notebook
  • Tablet
  • Smartphone

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Big THX for every vote!


I do mostly 2D and VR (Quest) when I feel like it. TBH while I download basically everything that is free, I find myself watching the PMV HMV Cock Hero type videos mostly.

Windows has always been my main OS for any PC I have owned.

I like the mobile aspect of SLR and Launch when I used the Launch (OSR FTW). I do need more immersion than just a tablet or phone screen I need at a least 27 in monitor or right into vr (screen door in Quest is bearable but put it at the same level of enjoyment as 2D at times.

Don’t forget to fill out the second poll here ! = someone missed the second poll. :rofl: :rofl:


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I’ve been thinking about buying a VR headset for months. It’s about time with all the great scripts here.

I saw that someone missed it and wrote this line immediately :sweat_smile:

I realized that we have had several questions about running scripting tools and players on both mac and linux in this forum, but those choices are not available in the list. I assume those use mac/linux for playback as well? Is it possible to add those OS options without restarting the entire poll from scratch?


You cannot change a poll after the first 5 minutes. :confounded:

Just 40 Votes, I will restart this poll

Please make it checkboxes instead of radio buttons.
Multiple answers apply to my case.

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Sorry, same problem again. I can’t change the poll anymore. Just select the device you use the most :sunglasses:

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Not so much voters here :pensive:.

I am surprised that over 60% own VR Gear.