A program besides Scriptplayer for videos outside of VR?


So, I’ve been using ScriptPlayer’s default video loader to test scripts or 2D videos that I don’t need VR for. It seems like half of the time the script doesn’t load correctly, gets an error, or the timing is off etc.

I’ve always had mixed results with ScriptPlayer, even in VR. I’ve been using SLR’s app for VR and it works perfectly.

I was wondering if anyone know of an alternative to ScriptPlayer for 2D videos, or maybe I’m doing something wrong? I hate having to throw on my Oculus just to test some scripts out.



What device are you using?

I have The Handy.

I ended up reinstalling everything and made sure my LAV codecs were up to date. I seem to be having better success now with ScriptPlayer.

I’m still curious if there are any other decent script players out there.

I am looking for other player outside of VR also than script player also, be interested if there is anything. I don’t do VR, don’t have the equipment, maybe in the future.

I’ve never had issues with Scriptplayer and I used it with both Launch and Handy. Great piece of software nonethless :+1: Maybe the errors have something to do with the naming of the scripts - special characters for example?

But if you are Handy user there is plenty of options:

All you needed to do was checking #software section.


I’ve also not had many issues with ScriptPlayer. I will heartily recommend funscript.io for ease of use though if SP is giving you problems with Handy (it’s my current go-to for a quick session)

thanks guys. i’ll grab more experience with it :+1:

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