A Tag for scripts that need no video

…we need a Tag for scripts that need no video, scripts that have been purposely designed from the ground up to be utterly stand alone, that revolve entirely only on their own merits, and need no outside context for relevance. There’s probably a huge range of variation within this category, scripts that bring you off fast, slow, super slow, or never, scripts generated by machines, by AI, with weird sets of variations that play with you like hypno for your dick… i dunno, i only work 'ere!

Obviously, i’m gonna go with ‘BASED’ for this one…



maybe someone just goes with a tag like no-video or standalone-script?

this is exactly what I was thinking.

…oh deer, my desperately shallow efforts to get the tag ‘BASED’ introduced have fallen foul at the first hurdle, but i do agree that ‘STAND-ALONE’ would be the best tag to use in this case.

i do think that there’s definitely room for the category. i know it’s more than possible to take any script you like and run it blind, but i love the idea of scripts designed to flow entirely within their own context as well…