A unique way to enjoy edging with the Handy (not a funscript)

Trying to help the community by sharing a way I enjoy my toy.
First off, I highly recommend VR gear. Mine is connected to my computer. This isn’t required, but it is much more immersive.

Second, Big Screen Beta is the program I use to view flat-screen videos. It will display both my monitors in VR so I can put up two different things to look at if I want.

Third, I use antimicro to map my xbox controller to my keyboard. Spacebar, E, R, Z, X are important to map, otherwise if you wanna use your mouse, map that too. I usually map R bumper to left mouse click.

Fourth, I go to

This website will connect directly with your Handy. With the controller mapped, E is edge, R is ruin, Z and X are less important. Spacebar is cum/ruin when asked to. The website is pretty good, load it up with your favorite subreddits, or have it look at one of your own picture folders. The UI is just fine and the guy updates from time to time.

I usually have that running on one screen while a compilation of sorts plays on the other. I map E to right trigger and R to left, so when I’m close I pull the right trigger and on the site you can set how long of a break that gives you. Allows for longer sessions if that’s what you are after.


Wow, thank you for sharing this

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