A way to sync to sex games?

i’m pretty new around here and new to synced porn, but i’ve been enjoying being able to sync videos to strokes a lot. earlier today I was thinking about if it’d be possible to sync strokes to adult games. Idk much about scripting but I feel like it wouldn’t be possible with funscripts with the way they function. I also don’t know much about game making/coding but thought that it probably isn’t easy to create manually like with funscripts, since it’d probably have to be directly integrated into the game itself to allow for that kind of support (on 2nd thought funscripts might work if the game itself plays them in specific situations right??). So I was wondering if there was anyone else out there that’s given this any thought, or if there’s any kind of software that might be able to play strokes realtime based on indicative factors such as sound, or maybe something less immersive but likely more feasible like pressing a key to play pre-made strokes


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The team that makes The Handy are working on a new version of their API that supports websockets - they call it the “Realtime API Update”. When that comes out, then it’ll be possible to do exactly what you’re saying.

But yes, it’ll have to be integrated directly into the game.

I suppose it is possible to have the game synchronized if the game was matching the funscript - but it can’t be the other way around. There is a little bit of customization you can do since you can jump around within a single funscript - so you might be able to have, say, a two-hour funscript that has 24 5-minute patterns. That say, it would be possible for the game developer to simultaneously play a particular 5-minute animation track in the game, and skip to the correct section of the funscript that was designed to match that animation. But it’s probably not worth the effort…


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I have some background in game modding (not under this username), and was interested in game integration long before getting into scripting. Got some ideas for certain games I’ve run into, even, but nothing that would be a simple project. And at least one example of “I’m pretty sure I could do it with this game, if it’s content were amenable to this kind of mod, which it isn’t”.

Now, there is something interesting out there for flash games. reddit.com: over 18?

Only supporting the Handy isn’t great, but I figure it wouldn’t be too hard to make a proxy to redirect that to other devices. However, antivirus software doesn’t like it and I’m not sure how much I can trust that person.

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Thanks for linking it! As for the issue with antivirus software, I’m still not sure exactly why that’s the case. So I thought I’d make my repository public incase people want to look at the code: GitHub - notSafeForDev/flash-toy-sync

I usually like to keep projects to myself, as it’s something I like to tinker with on my own time. But I have no plans on updating this until they improve the API for theHandy.

There’s the Intiface Game Haptics Router.

It only supports vibrate and rotate toys based on hooking the game.exe and capturing output meant for the rumble in an xbox controller or similar. Intiface itself supports strokes though so probably just a little code away from working with other hardware.

Based on the adult games I’ve played though, the ratio of story/running around to actual in-game sex makes me think the game would need to be designed for that specifically or it wouldn’t be very fun?

Have you heard of Virt-a-Mate? I know that there are mods that allow you sync the motions to a launch or an OSR. It’s quite amazing, especially with the OSR2.



Oooh, nice. I’d like to make something that’ll work with the OSR2, so this will help a lot. (Of course I have no idea how you’d build the thing…)

Does it support flash games that are divided into multiple files? Which is just about everything I’d be interested in scripting, I think.

There’s certainly a lot of games like that, but there’s plenty of pretty-much-just-sex (or enough-sex-that-the-gallery-mode-is-pretty-good) games that would be fun. Pretty much every game is going to be it’s own challenge though just because most of them -aren’t- made with modding in mind and aren’t using standardized approaches that would make things easy.

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It’s built using Adobe Flash CS6, but Adobe Animate works too.

As for games with multiple swf files, I haven’t tested any games like that. If you could link a download to one, I can check.


The trial version of this demonstrates the kind of thing I’m thinking of.

This absolutely gigantic demo (the one in the “premium duo” folder) may also be worth a look, since it’s subfiles seem to work differently from a lot of others. Just gotta extract the main file from the .exe with that one.

I was able to test seventh heaven, and it worked. The traildata01-04 files just has to be outside the folder with the start file. So the start file should be in the Animations folder, with the others in the Flash Toy Sync AS2 folder.

As for the other one, I wasn’t able to extract the exe, at least not using 7zip.

I have messaged you on discord, so we can take it from there, if you want.

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