A10 piston sa Sponge strip

The sponge and inner bladder shell of my A10 Piston SA are scraping against each other. Now the black sponge is broken and all of it is scraped off. What is this sponge for and how will it affect the use?

assuming the device is layed down on on a desk like your supposed to without some sort of stand, i assume the inner shell is supposed to slide along it rather than the outer shell.
my guess is its either some sort of noise muter for said scraping noise, or small spacer to hold the weight and prevent damage to the outer shell. likely both.

It is a similar material to that of weather strips and foam tape for sound dampening and insulation. your likely looking for 1/16 inch thick. (I came to this conclusion from observing my own, its hard to imagine its anything else.) you can probably keep the rest on standby if it wears again or use it to sound dampen your room.



I didn’t make the thing so I can’t be absolutely sure, but I do own one so this is my own observation. good luck.

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