Abolition of article 175 of the penal code, which regulates sexual expressions such as historical shunga and adult expressions with mosaics and black paint

Hello everyone.
I follow Mantis-X for a while and I learned that the Pixivbox site will refuse all non-cencured content.
I also discovered that there was a petition on the net for the abolition of this law in Japan.
I put the link if it interests you

It would be great that there is no longer this censorship

thank you


Oh how I would love Japan censorship to be gone for good as well

I think that petition is 2 years old, not sure of the effect it would have now, but agree I’d love to see Japan remove this law off their books

Oh man I’m not holding my breath, but imagine…

I don’t think society could survive the absolute supernova of perversion that would sweep the globe.
A true fap-singularity that would transform our civilization forever :joy:


Japan: “lol no”.

Lots of things were tried and are still tried, but that wall is unmovable.