About 40% of my scripts work

Rough estimate. So I’ve tested on both the Launch and Handy and it’s the same experience. On both SLR App and Deo VR on my Quest 2, I use the DLNA option, and local scripting works completely fine for about 40% of the videos in there, while the other videos just don’t ‘load’ a script (no blue icon thing in video). All of the videos/scripts follow the exact same naming rule. Any ideas? There isn’t some sort of limit to number of videos in a folder is there?

Check the file formats of your videos, it might be that it can’t find the video because it’s not one of the filetypes it automatically scans for when loading. When this happens I usually load the video first then the file.

As well, make sure you have the names down to a point (although you probably have this down by nown). If one of your file is named:
“(01) [mikicco] Under the sky.flac” (don’t think Deo VR supports .flac but it’s just an example), then the funscript need to be renamed to “(01) [mikicco] Under the sky.funscript”, as well. You can copy the name of the video, then paste that name into the funscript file. You might have some typos in the names so it’s not reading them.

Other than those, it might be something out of your control

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@Jcakes - no limit, but definitely simplify naming as much as possible to avoid non-alphanumeric characters, and make sure files are all “.funscript” extension.

DLNA and MAC computers seem to want to change the file extension or name of the file through DLNA too sometimes

Also, Handy likely still has a 1.4mb filesize limit so keep files under that size

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