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Hi, everyone.
In the process of using MultiFunPlayer, I found that in the Axis Values, L0, L1, L2, R0, R1, and R2 all moved to varying degrees. But in fact, after reading the Readme.md of MultiFunPlayer corresponding to Github, I knew their respective differences. Corresponds to the different characteristics of OSR2. But in fact, if you only load a single updown.funscirpt without loading other funscirpt scripts (such as roll.funscript, pitch.funscript), R0, R1, and R2 will also move.
Why is this? Shouldn’t this situation only occur when using Multi-Axis script?
Does anyone know why?

These are some settings parameters when I use:
L0, L1, L2, R0, R1, R2
Motion: random
and leave others as default.

You’re saying you enabled random motion for the other axis and now you’re wondering why they move randomly?

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What I mean is, assuming that the script is only for single-axis updown.funscirpt, when using MultiFunPlayer, only L0 should operate and the others should not operate. Isn’t that the case?

Could it be that the reason why other axes (such as R0, R1, R2) work is because I set the motion to random?

Yes. That’s why they’re moving.

So assuming I’m using a 3-axis script, I’ll turn on updown, pitch and roll. Use 6-axis full on, and set motion to random.
If I use a single-axis script, I only need to use the L0 corresponding to updown, and close the others. Is that so?

I have figured out this issue, thank you for your reply! sincere thanks!

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