About spam, in paid scripts

Guys, what’s going on in the paid script section?

Every day, posts are up by the same persons.

Look at this :

I can go back like this for a long time.
I’m here since one year, and this guy has been doing this since I signed up.

So I have a few questions about this:
Why this guy spam like that ?

Is this a correct use of the website?

Am I the only one who notices this?

In fact I imagine that if everyone did the same things, it would be a holy mess.
Maybe it’s just me being delusional lol (i hope not)

Take care guys


I thought for a second there you were referring to the script maker and not to the person who’s posting comments on all the scripts, bumping them essentially.

Their comments are suspicious in my mind however the best way to deal with this is to use the flagging system as it does have an spam option and the “something else” option for when you want to explain further about what your choosing to flag.

I point the finger at the author too.
just click on pen to see all modification he do.


checki his profile is a common thing, he stops doing this because I told him, you will be able to notice it if you scroll down on this same post

I think he’s just updating the URL to where you can buy the script. People get banned from certain platforms at random so it doesn’t seem that odd to me?

Oh your meaning the both of them then, that was not clear, though hm…maybe a case of alt accounts is going on now since you caught them editing bumping then?

I wish we had an option to mute people, similar to the tags…


Hi guys, I’m sorry if this feels like spam. Maybe there is an option to let only new posts cum up at first and not when being edited or replied to.

I admit in the beginning I used it to get some more interaction on my scripts and stopped doing this because I received the feedback .

For this moment I’m going from gumroad to Payhip which means a lot of work and editing. Currrently 70% transfered

I do agree that it would be good to see new scripts and not old scripts popping up

mods also have the ability to reset the bump date on topics, but it only applies to edits to the last reply in a topic What is Reset Bump Date? - support - Discourse Meta

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I asked royal kir if he had some videos that where not available anymore to Rey polar and in the meanwhile he went a bit crazy on all my scripts so sorry for that guys .

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Are Royal_kir and Dani-Joeri Tyler Durden?


It’s not about gumroad from payhip it’s like one year you do that bro from the begining where i signed up on this website

the migration did not take place a year ago