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Any suggestion on which device is best?
i have looked at kiiroo devices and handy, but also heard reviews of kiiroo not having a good stroke. any of you have them and can offer some pros/cons? thx a bunch.

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My experiences as a TheHandy owner:


  • Good material and build quality
  • Nice support
  • 110mm Stroke length
  • up to 10 strokes per second (but just small ones)
  • works great with fleshlight quickshot sleeves
  • good APIs for own projects


  • not that quiet
  • included sleeves are too wobbly (I don’t tested the new ones)
  • if you want to use fleshlight originals, performance reduced
  • no bracket, you have to build something on your own

Don’t forget to take the OSR device on your list!

OSR 2+ user.
This is very exciting toy in my opinion.

You have lots of scripts available.
It is very fast stroking. Depends a little on the servos that are installed.
Slightly longer strokes that the other brands.
It provides Pitch and Roll to the movement.
It provides Twist if it is included. The best add-on IMO!
Can also have heat, lube, and vibe controlled.
Uses the Fleshlight sleves - and others with 3d printed adapters.
Open source or it can be purchased here on this site, just search.
There are lots of users that can help if you have trouble.
There are many aps for your own projects.

It is open source so you may have to learn how to build or work on it.
(I have been able to break mine and fix it.)
It an be loud depending on the speed and the quality of the servos.
The sleeves are purchased separately.
Base version is wired for communication.

+1 for the OSR2, but you need to be a little comfortable with unscrewing some bolts to change a servo if one breaks. I recommend buying/building one with the more expensive servos as it’ll be quieter/stronger/faster/more durable. imo twist is the only must have mod, the other axis are usually more annoying than helpful for me

SR6 is the best device for capability, but it has drawbacks that make it not for everyone. Cost, lack of portability, and potential for needing upkeep/repair are some of the more glaring drawbacks.

The best device for you is dependent on your needs in portability, cost, and capability.

3D printed strokers:
OSR2(along with all its variants) and SR6 are all about speed and capability with little portability as they have to be solidly mounted. They also go up in cost the more complex the build is. The capability is only limited by your budget.

Single axis commercial strokers:
These(Handy and kiiroo) are going to have much better portability, but obviously lack in capability being only a single axis of up and down. These devices get better with every iteration, but they are limited to what is seen as safe for a commercial product. Due to this, they will never likely exceed their 3D printed counterparts.

Thanks guys, ended up getting a handy since my current place to stay isn’t gonna last too long for me to get a big thing like the OSR2, it is great. Thanks for the answers.

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