Accepting orders for OSR2 and 2+

What is an OSR?
The OSR is an ‘open source stroker’ robot, it is designed to be 3D printed, and customizable. Think something like the Fleshlight Launch, but much better. The most basic version has 2 axes (up/down, tilt forward/backward), with the OSR2+ having 3 axes (up/down, tilt forward/backward, and tilt left/right). More axes are available as upgrades

Contact info:
Please feel free to contact me here or on discord with any requests or questions you may have
Discord: DaytripperTX#7921 (preferred for quickest response)

All payment is handled through PayPal. Upon ordering, I will send an invoice to your PayPal email, or send you a link directly if you prefer

3D printing capabilities:
I have years of experience 3D printing, and am capable of producing high quality prints. I can print most materials you might request, including exotic colors and materials.

Common materials: PLA, PETG, Nylon, TPU. Other specialty materials available upon request (for a fee)

All Prices are flexible, with many options to save cost if needed.
All listed prices are examples, NOT concrete prices. Prices can vary, there are several factors that allow you to save on the price if needed. DM me to request a custom pricing estimate.

OSR2 (2 axes): $200-300
OSR2+ (3 axes): $250-350

All assembled units come with:

  • Power supply (can be removed for reduced price)
  • Shipping included (only in the US)
  • Firmware preinstalled on device, tested for functionality
  • A copy of the firmware upon request


  • Modular case: $60
  • Heated modular case: $100
  • T-valve: $20
  • I-lube $60 (this upgrade will pump lube into your Fleshlight at the push of a button)
  • Custom power bus w/ servo kill switch: $25 (This uses a custom designed professional PCB. The switch is nice incase you need to stop the OSR suddenly, and the power bus allows more current to the servos)
  • Upgraded, brushless servos: $200 (These servos are a bit expensive, but they are faster, more powerful and quieter. They are highly recommended, they improve the experience greatly. This upgrade requires the power bus)
  • 3D printed VESA clamp mount: $50
  • Custom color/material: $20 (depending on material chosen, the price may be higher)

Upgrades available only to patrons of TempestVR:

  • The T-wist:
    • T-wist beta 2: $60
    • T-wist beta 3: $90 (this new version of the T-wist uses a unique servo that allows the T-wist to turn multiple rotations)
  • New base: free if you are a patron of TempestVR
  • Base fan lid: $15 (adds active cooling to the base of the OSR)

Not included:

  • Micro USB cable - 2m or longer recommended
  • Fleshlight
  • Vesa mount - you can buy your own or they are available here too

That sounds fantastic! Surprised no one’s ever responded.