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Add speeds to tags?

Just the basics fast, slow and perhaps variable?


How about a poll?

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Yeah that’s coo :+1:

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Speed tags would be awesome!

Add speeds to tags?

  • Yes
  • No, too much tags already
  • No, I don’t need it
  • I don’t care

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Since I’ve started adding funscript speed information to ScriptAxis, I’ve discovered that average speed is basically the number one most important metric that determines whether I’ll enjoy a script or not. So on a personal level, I’d love to see speed being added to posts in some way.

However I think that the speed tags would need to be objective and numbers-based. “Fast” to one person might be “Slow” to another - and without a standardized way of deciding which tag should apply, I worry that the tags would quickly become less useful and would just add to overall clutter.

The problem with making the tags numerical is, of course, is that everyone would need to use an external tool to get that number. AFAIK only my stuff shows a script’s speed, but it would take 10 minutes to add to OFS and HandyControl.

Then the question becomes what the units should be.
In my work, I show speed in units of “percentage points of movement per second” (%/s) - so if the Handy moves from 0 → 100 and back in one second, that’s a speed of 200%/s.

I know that in HandyControl, @Lucifie calculates what he terms ‘intensity’, which is exactly half of what I call ‘speed’. This is kind of nice because the round number of 100 represents ‘one stroke per second’, but I found it harder to work with on a practical level, which is why I switched to %/s.

That all being said, there is a limit on how much metadata we can add to topics to aid in searching and filtering on EroScripts. That’s kind of why I started working on ScriptAxis in the first place :stuck_out_tongue:


I would rather call it a different approach :wink:

Speed alone does not tell you how far the stroke will be. A script with a stroking range of 20 to 80 is different to one with 0 to 100. In your case both scripts will have the same speed value but the script with 0-100 will feel more difficult. Thats why I use a combination of stroke lenght and speed to get the Intensity.

Here an example made with the StrokeGenerator

1 Stroke per Second (BPS) (up+down) = Intensity 100

100A.funscript (27.0 KB)

Changing the stroke lenght by keeping the speed constant also gives me an intensity of 100.
Handy is moving at the same speed but does not have to travel the full distance. The intensity for half strokes is lower but the the higher stroking frequency compensates this.

100B.funscript (61.8 KB)

You can also see the BPM and BPS counter in the status bar in case you only want the raw stroke numbers.

Why should the second script be more than double as fast/difficult than the first one?

I think the tags would be useful. I personally think having two tags one for fast and one for slow and that way people can search for scripts outside the norm.

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Oh I think maybe I didn’t explain properly. I’m actually using your original intensity formula, just without the 2x multiplier for time difference :stuck_out_tongue:

My formula for the speed between two actions is 1000 * positionDifferenceMs / timeDifferenceMs.

So shorter strokes result in lower speeds, given the same time difference. So a script with 20 → 80 strokes at one stroke per second would have a speed value of 120%/s, rather than the 200%/s that a 0 → 100 script with the same timings would have.

Both the scripts you attach give an average speed value of 200 in

Hmm I guess that makes some sense - tags to indicate that the script is unusually fast or slow…

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I used the 2x mutiplier to make it easier to show the BPM. In a fully scripted Cock Hero 1 Beat = 1 Full Stroke = Up + Down. So the user don’t have to calculate the BPM on his own.

As long as it is something done automatically then it’s ok, otherwise I really doubt people will remember about this, same goes for tags like #paid-media.

That would mean that @hugecat must analyse the script on drop and add a tag to the topic. Dunno if that’s even possible and if you can prevent that users just use a different tag instead.

I think we should keep that feature to the script overview sites like and and don’t try to add features here on EroScripts just for the sake of it. You can automate the script overview sites way better.

I like this idea sometimes I like fast scripts othertimes I want slow script so I think it’s cool lol

I was thinking the speeds tags would be used to just give a general idea of what the script is like. I didn’t imagine it being dead on balls accurate.

I personally don’t rely on the tags for accurate description of the script, it’s up to the poster to describe there work.

Check this out.
This is a scene I’m currently working on.
It starts out POV

But ends with a side view

The whole video is not POV, but I would still use the POV tag.