Addiction to cam sites

So for the past several years I have been addicted to cam sites but really only streamate and other sites that use it… I have tried installing software to block the sites but there are so many sites that use streamate that its very hard to block all of them… I dont know what to do

Although you may receive good advice from well-intended people here, I think you’d be much better by asking a mental health professional directly.


As a mental health specialist, yes. Talk to a therapist, one that works addictions and other behavioral issues.

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Try asking yourself what you’re getting out of these sites and think about whatever the answer is, even if it’s uncomfortable. Try writing things down if that helps, it has for me with other things, even if it’s a struggle to put the words to paper or screen.

If you feel like you’re stuck seek help from a specialist or peer counselor, don’t go down some weird rabbit hole (like the nofap cult) though.

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The first stept to solving your problem is accepting that you have a problem. So be proud that you don’t deny your problem or try to make it smaller than it is.

Really there are a lot of different things that can be done and really everything will lead to speaking with a professional, that can really help you. But I also understand that there is a chance you don’t have easy access to a professional. So one way you still can get help is talking to people you trust. Another way is thinking about why you do this and what you like about cam sites and then start asking yourself the questions again and again, do you really need to do this. The more you think about this, the more you are able to find reasons why you shouldn’t use cam sites and start finding a compromise, that helps you reduce.

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