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Adding download numbers

Hey, the forum is great. I was curious if it were possible to incorporate clicks/download numbers for uploaded script files? I liked the feature on RTS (before we ran out of space) because it helped me make content decisions.

No biggie if it isn’t possible, or is more work than it is worth.

I do see the numbers for the videos, which works too…


The link click count seems only to count if you left click and not if you use the open in new tab option with right click. Or I am wrong?

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Gonna be honest, I have no idea why it doesn’t already do it.
I’m finding conflicting information on google if this feature exists or not. Seems like it did at some point in the past.

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Thanks for checking in to it! Like I said, no biggie.


It seems like if you do a minor edit of the file upload syntax, it just starts doing link counting?

Normally an uploaded file looks like this
test2.txt (5 Bytes)

and has the syntax of
[test2.txt|attachment](upload://2n2Vm7KMb8ZmSyNrkgNNdcgCBuT.txt) (5 Bytes)

If you remove the |attachment, you lose the attachment icon, but it seems like it starts counting click throughs for some reason. (the 4 Bytes part doesn’t really matter)
test.txt (4 Bytes)
[test.txt](upload://o9Crlt3rLRVUnCwprCtih1kVEj1.txt) (4 Bytes)

However, I haven’t tried to thoroughly test this so I’m unsure if any problems will arise in the future by doing it this way.

I don’t want to push this out as a recommendation to everyone at this moment. Does anyone want to volunteer to test this out for a while?


I am trying this out on my latest submission.

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