Adult time are killing it!

I had no idea AI scripting had become this good. Only just discovered them from faptap and went ahead and brought a sub, 800+ of good variety of scripts most in 4k, really well synced. My kind of videos, unlike VR which is boring / too long imo.

Anyone know how they are doing it? Really losing my motivation to script if AI can do it that good. I do have say if you are a blowjob ‘‘connoisseur’’, its lacking in that department, its in sync but not much detail. Like deep throats it just moves down and stops dead. But the action is really spot on. Failed to connect keon due on going issues with ‘‘invalid QR code’’, but my handy connected straight away. I do wish they allowed script downloads for tweaking and use with other device like the SR6. Anyone know similar sites providing the same quality 2D interactive?

don’t need to use ai but u can use motion tracking i use it alot to try and get more accurate scripts for some videos other than something like a cock hero or fap hero. try the funscript generator windows for open funscripter i cant find the one i use which is mtfg but this one also works How to use FunscriptToolBox MotionVectors Plugin in OpenFunscripter

edit i found mine

use the installer exe version

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Please don’t lose interest in VR :frowning: In my opinion you’re one of the best scripters out there for VR. Not only are the scripts precise and feeling good in motion but your selection in choosing the right videos is superb. Have all your releases and always looking forward for the next one


Signed up for this for the free 7 day trial and wow they do have some good stricts out there. Needless to say I’m making good use of my trial before it’s over.

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I tried adult time but I would be warry. When i tried to cancel my subscription i went through hell cause they also signed me up for other services. Not the best customer experience when exiting

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Yeah I agree, there was a very small check box with tiny when starting subscription, so read carefully. But to be far most porn sites do similar.

Same !

Even when I managed to cancel, i got billed the next month and I had to go through support to make sure they werent going to charge me again…

i also got signed up for a french xxx website and I had no idea how. I canceled the account made with them but I think the paper trail leads back to adult time. IDK too many weird and grey things happened after signing up with them so I steer clear of sites like that now.

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Curious who is making scripts for them