Adult time are killing it!

I had no idea AI scripting had become this good. Only just discovered them from faptap and went ahead and brought a sub, 800+ of good variety of scripts most in 4k, really well synced. My kind of videos, unlike VR which is boring / too long imo.

Anyone know how they are doing it? Really losing my motivation to script if AI can do it that good. I do have say if you are a blowjob ‘‘connoisseur’’, its lacking in that department, its in sync but not much detail. Like deep throats it just moves down and stops dead. But the action is really spot on. Failed to connect keon due on going issues with ‘‘invalid QR code’’, but my handy connected straight away. I do wish they allowed script downloads for tweaking and use with other device like the SR6. Anyone know similar sites providing the same quality 2D interactive?

don’t need to use ai but u can use motion tracking i use it alot to try and get more accurate scripts for some videos other than something like a cock hero or fap hero. try the funscript generator windows for open funscripter i cant find the one i use which is mtfg but this one also works How to use FunscriptToolBox MotionVectors Plugin in OpenFunscripter

edit i found mine

use the installer exe version


Please don’t lose interest in VR :frowning: In my opinion you’re one of the best scripters out there for VR. Not only are the scripts precise and feeling good in motion but your selection in choosing the right videos is superb. Have all your releases and always looking forward for the next one


Signed up for this for the free 7 day trial and wow they do have some good stricts out there. Needless to say I’m making good use of my trial before it’s over.

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I tried adult time but I would be warry. When i tried to cancel my subscription i went through hell cause they also signed me up for other services. Not the best customer experience when exiting

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Yeah I agree, there was a very small check box with tiny when starting subscription, so read carefully. But to be far most porn sites do similar.

Same !

Even when I managed to cancel, i got billed the next month and I had to go through support to make sure they werent going to charge me again…

i also got signed up for a french xxx website and I had no idea how. I canceled the account made with them but I think the paper trail leads back to adult time. IDK too many weird and grey things happened after signing up with them so I steer clear of sites like that now.

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Curious who is making scripts for them

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thats why you should use a site where you can make virtual credit card, pause or close the cc anytime you want.

I also signed up to check them out. I had written up a whole review but deleted it because I don’t want to diss anyone.

I was impressed with some of their scenes that they bill as Adult Time originals. That lesbian bdsm scene with Leanna Lovings is as good as anything I’ve seen in a couple months. I also like some of the interface, particularly the slider system where you can tweak your mood as far as how straight or not straight you’re feeling that day.

I was not impressed with their scripts. I sampled about 8 different scripts all across the spectrum of material and all the scripts I tried seemed to be AI driven. There were moments where it would sync up but there were also lots of moments that had zero relation to the motion onscreen.

I hate to put that in a review cause there could be some hard working person who hangs out here who is their head scripter and I don’t want to diss that person. If someone has an Adulttime script they feel is a solid script, let’s take a look at that, but yeah, I suspect that the answer to Mr. SLR’s question is Mr. Roboto is doing the scripting over there.

I would also say that they overbilled me as well. They got me with the whole thing where you aren’t charged anything extra but three days later you get a $20 charge for an affiliate site that you inadvertently signed up for by not unchecking a box. In fairness to them, when I called them on their scam, it was less than 15 minutes on a chat session to get it charged back.

Still, I’ll do my business with less predatory cocksuckers, thank you very much.


We are really close releasing the whole SLR database AI scripted in coming weeks.

Curious who is powering their Mr.Roboto. Checked with Handy, ain’t them.

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Well I hope that goes well for you.

The problem you have isn’t that you’re competing with the other market players like Adulttime, or the Handy IVDB, you’re competing against yourself.

I was a consumer at SLR for years. The scene quality varied, at best, it was spectacular, but even at the worst, the SLR originals were still pretty good. The scripts were always consistent. I never hesitated to pony up the dough to buy a script for a scene I liked and all the scripts I bought were well done.

But if I pay for a script out of pocket and get one that’s like the ones I tried on Adulttime or any of the AI scripts that SLR put out the last go around, then I know that quality is no longer assured and I have to figure out some way to gauge whether a script is a good one or a bad one. And with this particular product at the price point it’s at, you won’t get many complaints or returns, you’ll just start loosing business you used to have and not know why.

Gaining consumer confidence is super difficult. But eroding consumer confidence after you have it with a poor product launch is super easy, just look at some of Musk’s hijunks for a great example of that.


Very well written / reviewed. Yeah I agree the are scripts are no way near the standards found on here/SLR. I just loved variety in videos, the scripts are a bonus and pretty impressive for AI imo.
I will have to check out the bdsm scene. Personally if I find a scene hot, I pay less and less attention to the script. I watched Pure Taboo Third Wheel, the acting was so good… wracked me pretty quick even with the sub-par script.I now need to find some Lena Paul videos to script. My new favourite.

Well the Leanna Lovings scene didn’t have a script, at least at this point. It’s a lesbian bondage scene, while I love watching those, they don’t make for really compelling scripting, Imo.

Maybe I didn’t give them enough of a chance but you’d be going along and it’d be matching up ok and then suddenly there’d be all these spastic up and down movements that aren’t reflected in the scene and things are jumping around and going nuts. It’s like you’re in an arcade and having a sweet, sweet run on Dance, Dance, Revolution and then some drunken asshole starts flopping around on your dance pad like a hyena with a head full of ketamine. It’s… distracting.

But I do get your point, it is nice to have variety and Adult time has really good variety. SLR is a bit stingy with their scripts for Trans/Gay content but there’s definitely a wide variety in play at Adulttime, which I thought was nice.

…also, it should be pointed out that Adultime’s focus seems to primarily be 2D scenes and while they do have an ok selection of VR scenes from a variety of studios, most of the content is 2D. So that’s good news for the nonVR folks here I suppose.

Slightly off topic, but I agree that AT has great videos, but I ran into an issue that made me unsub. The scripts just weren’t syncing up properly which is fine as there are different things that can cause latencty, but they don’t have the ability to adjust time offset meaning there is no way to fix it.

anyone else have this experience or advice?

When I tried AdultTime i was extremely disappointed in the scripts. You can tell that theres no effort out into the sxripts whatsoever. Its all just straight up straight down and always full strokes regardless if whats happening in the scene. Sure the strokes mught start at the correct time but other than that its not even close to a realistic experience. This was quite awhile ago so maybe they e staryed hiring scripters rather than automating them all which was obvious off the jump.

I agree with the others, would go out of sync. If you wanted to jump ahead, forget it the script just loses its place and stops or just keeps going from the last spot before you jumped ahead. SLR at least sometimes does a hiccup and then finds its place. They also make it so hard to cancel your subscription, eventually I just cancelled the card I had with them. I will sometimes cancel and then start again if their content gets better but not with that one. Too much of a headache.

These are AI script made on first pass SLR ScriptAI generated scripts are live! - #31 by Kieshi

Some really great feedback so far. Takes like 20min to get one. Preparing for the whole database scripting