Alternate script creation methods/software?

Hello, I’m doing a bit of digging and i’m trying to find, apps, extensions, chrome sites, etc, that the community thinks is good, whether it be for mapping cock hero beats, scripting on chrome or any other piece of software the community has made.

I’ve checked the software page, just curious if there’s any blatantly useful tools out there.


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^^^^^ That
It changed the game lol

I use the already linked Tracking Tool and Joy-Scripter. The Fun-scripter crashes on me every 2-3 minutes and is a little to shallow/superficial for my taste.
The first “run” in creating a new script is running the automatic detector and map the parts that it can detect without to much hassle. After that I use Joy-Scripter to check all points that the automatic system created, add missing points and correct any errors that the automatic tracker made (there is always some parts there it just detected complete nonsense). Currently I am working on the script for a video that the automatic mapper could not map, so I have to set all points myself. Using the “dynamic” insert-funktions of Joy makes that pretty easy too.

Why not use OFS? It allows LUA to have the motion tracking implemented within OFS. If it’s crashing for you i’d suggest making sure you have the newest version. Mine was doing the same until I got the 0.8 from the github and dude’s added a lot. Like side to side tracking, different algorithms to use.

What I typically use…well…what I always use is OFS with the motion capture LUA script within it. OFS just works better imho and it’s open source…so you don’t have to cover your butt if you ever wanted to sell scripts. (you can’t with others)

I already tried everything I could come up with. :joy: OFS just crashes after 2-3 Minutes. That’s not that big of a Problem for me. The LUA-Detector works as stand-alone too and JFS doesn’t crash on me, even after hours of working with it. So there ist no reason for me to put a lot of work into getting OFS to work. :wink:
Also: as I don’t see any reason to buy scripts, I don’t see a reason to sell them. For that reason I don’t give a f about the Open-source-thing. But that is OT. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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lol fair. Look at how many scripts I made tonight and how many of them cost money :laughing:

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