Alternative File Hosting Options Than MEGA?

Due to the recent MEGA shenanigans wondering if there’s alternative options for file sharing and storage. Here’s a few sites came into mind:

  • PixelDrain
    (Has softban on porn. Okay for short term sharing. Account is not at risk)

  • Mediafire

  • Gofile

Has anyone explored these sites and what’s your experience with them?

cracking down on what kind of porn?

First we should figure that out. So far i know Hentai Loli content gets you banned on MEGA

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Could be the case. But once again there has not been any specification on what lead to these bans. Their policies were also extremely vague with obsecure terms such as “obscene” and “unsuitable”. Porn in general is obscene and is unsuitable in different contexts.

What does matter to me is that not only MEGA censors the content, they can terminate a user’s account without a clear reason and prior notice. Too much from an encrypted file hosting service emphasizing privacy.


Have been using gofile for some months instead of Mega (more of a storage problem and I didnt wanna pay for Mega) and gofile seems fine for sharing files for 30 days or so. In my case I have a high upload speed so I dont care about reuploading them if someone asks.

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Thats my guess… everyone Ive seen mention being banned either admittedly had Loli shit or implied it by asking if Loli shit is bannable.


Several platforms and payment processors have cited loli stuff (and fear of worse stuff slipping through cracks) as a reason to change how they handle content the past few years.


I have a few TB of free storage on my home server that I would be willing to offer to a certain extend for storing files that otherwise could be lost until the community finds a solution to this problem.

It is a server that is running at my home and is not accessable from the internet. Meaning it is not a replacement in any way, but could be considered as a slow remote backup with horrible response times. (residential Internet and me being slow)

There are already a lot of Scripts with the video being lost in older posts, so I just want to help limit this getting worse if i can.



The shenanigans I am dealing with is that some of the storage “bonus” I had previously have expired(?) or changed so my quota was reduced. My MEGA says I am over and need to delete files. But when I try to delete files (only option is to move to Rubbish), I get a pop up that says I am over my limit and need to Upgrade my account (to a paid version). There is no way for me to delete any files to comply. The message “threatens” that all my files will be delete in 36 days unless I purchase a plan or “delete files from your Cloud drive”, which as I mentioned it won’t let me do. So, I either create another throw away account or I wait 36 days for them to delete my files for me. Seems like a dumb “strategy” to get more paid subscribers by frustrating your users.

GUYS !!!

What about Yandex ?



Interestingly I’ve not read anything specifying forbidden materials and porn.
Need to ask the Russians if this is the preferred way to store and share porns - to be fair I’ve not used Yandex’s service aside from its Reverse Image Search.

Move your files and folders to the Rubbish Bin. Then go to the Rubbish Bin and then Empty Rubbish Bin. Files are removed

Honestly seems like we’re entering a little deadspot in the file hosting site cycle which I feel is due to the fact that Gofile and Pixeldrain started degrading too early/quickly. So I hope that another new site does popup though I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a year down the line since only when Pixeldrain’s softban becomes more aggressive or their quality becomes worse (less storage time, size, force pausing) then I would expect something new on the way or becoming noticed.

Until then I see the only way forward to be always upload to multiple sites and if it’s anything other than straight porn, rename and zip the file as that
can help if they don’t scan/check out the file itself. (and have the password if it is zipped with one)

I would not trust Yandex at all since although I’ve never tried their stuff, I’ve seen constantly that anything from Russia that isn’t highly vetted while looks high quality has something else going on.

Catbox is the only site I’ve seen mentioned that is usable I’ve noticed since I have sometimes seen it used on other…more pirate oriented sites although the size limitations are a pain and the terms of it mean if you get caught…your banned.

So yeeep…for now I suggest buttoning down the hatches and take it carefully for this next storm that’s coming. (I did have an site to share but it had like 2 day expiry time and also has since triggered browser security warnings)

Could you elaborate on what happened with Gofile?

What I roughly remember is the following though I haven’t fact checked myself:
Gofile when I first noticed it allowed my internet to just go full speed and have the files stay up for a few months and the servers be very stable. (which then I said about it here a few times)
Then after a few more months afterwards servers were so unstable that files wouldn’t start downloading or even be found when I followed the links…I think I even had downloads stop midway while the speeds of the downloads were changing constantly but never full speed. (speed sometimes was less than 1mbs)
I stopped using it mainly when possible ever since as files were also deleting for no clear reason a few days after upload.

Has gotten better since but I find the speed variable a few of the times I’ve used it when pixeldrain wasn’t usable. (not enough for me to feel I an judge it fully again) I think some of it was due to an attack on the servers but also I think as a result of it’s popularity exploding there was a probably more than a few DMCA’s put down. On other sites I frequent the amount of Gofile links have also noticeably dried up so I know it was not just a me thing.

All uploads are temporary for free accounts it seems, would only last 10 days without downloads.

That used to be 30 days I think, also it was one of the first things I checked out and the uploads that I had done myself were 3 days old I think and quite active. I may have had an upload vanish a day after uploading even.

EDIT: It’s something that all file hosters seem to go through, a nice golden goose release period and then they get hit with DMCA or lots of traffic and have to make changes which causes themselves to break a bit or drop in being the first choice…that’s if they can pay for the running costs themselves with donations on the side. Once it happens they all start to slowly die off since something comes along and replaces it while they keep getting hit with DMCA’s and warnings turn into Cease and Desist kinda stuff in their country.

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Regardless I think these service are pretty much useable when you pay… Storage costs money. Gofile mentioned “priority access” in their premium plan too, which I assume fixes the speed issue.

Annual subscription - PixelDrain $50.40/year vs Gofile $90/year.