Alternative File Hosting Options Than MEGA?

Afraid I can’t comment on what happens if you pay since I’ve used them as purely a free user that does 70% downloading from them. (

Also just finished editing my above post with a bit about costs. Something else I was going to add was that before Gofile we did have other usable site (I think there was maybe 4 in total) but have all gone down since, two of them were anonfiles and nopy. (Ah just remembered, mixdrop and workupload are the other two I think, they aren’t down but very very unstable at times I think)

PS in checking for the names of the site I have spotted a site called being used for hosting, I have only used it for one download so no idea how it is but it worked that one time recently.

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Honestly think permanent cloud storage with comfort and ease like MEGA is impossible at this rate and we all have to stay nomadic with our naughty files xd

Wanted to test out so here’s something:

Upload was pretty damn slow around 0.10 MB/s.

wow hotlinking

Oh definitely it’s why I said that this is a cycle since I’ve semi watched the space since my minecraft days where mediafire was the go to after mega. I think mediafire is only still alive due to the filesize limitations being too small for being using for the big porn videos that were being DMCA head hunted. (they did get a hit a bit though) Ah I remember that period of where there was a bunch of freemium hosting sites where you choose a few hours of slow download speed or chuck out money for month long premium fast speed with no download cooldowns.

Your doesn’t work for me as when I go to the site I get that annoying: Error code: SSL_ERROR_RX_RECORD_TOO_LONG
Chrome meanwhile is giving me the same: ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR

Can anyone else check if this is affecting them too?


Workupload is one of the ones I edited in as being a previously popular one (during Gofile and a bit before) though never the first choice always secondary. I believe it’s because it sometimes went down or was inaccessible which made it not be used that much anymore, no idea of it’s current status but I would use this at the same time as another site. (2gb file limit sucks though unless you split up the file via something like Winrar or 7zip)

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F95zone has a list of file hosting service, for reference:

Okay so uh…oddly a lot of those sites I’ve never seen used. Like I’ve only seen WeTransfer, Uploadhaven, Mixdrop, FilesFm (once, maybe twice) and Krakenfiles (very new) used and well I think only WeTransfer works for me still but I’ve used it a plenty to know it’s a only good for short term small file hosting.

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New one that seems to be going around among game crack groups. But a lot of suspicion surrounding it at the moment. Refer to this reddit comment

There’s also FileLu and, I don’t know much about either other than they’re both US based.

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Interesting. I was able to register with a masked e-mail. There’s also a delete account button in the settings now.

pCloud – Terms of Service; Didn’t Read (

pCloud - Terms and Conditions

(agree not to) transmit anything that is illegal, abusive, defamatory, harassing, harmful to reputation, pornographic, indecent, profane, obscene, hateful, racist, or otherwise objectionable;

We also reserve the right to terminate any user’s right to access the Site or Services at any time, in our discretion.

I don’t like the look of that

I haven’t really been as active as I used to, and it’s really sad to see what’s going on ATM, but if the site’s P2P ban/rule wasn’t so strict it would really benefit the recent crisis ES seemingly has fallen into.

It would also future proof the website, since all the torrents would still be alive and kicking because of a decentralized sharing system.
Somebody could just continue where the last person left off.

I think turning into a private tracker would be the ultimate way of insuring longevity of the scripts + source in general.
I don’t know how changing the P2P ban would affect the site juristically though, since it already is in a kind of gray zone with us sharing content etc. :neutral_face:

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damn read my mind been looking for a different file sharing platform.

Torrenting and P2P is banned for a very good and simple dual purpose reason in my mind, website and user safety. As public trackers easily result in problems for keeping the website up (Legal trouble will come) and allow fake uploads with viruses and such to go around for a bit if not just grabbing your IP. Private trackers can’t let in too many people at once to avoid these same results occurring. As a result of this site primarily only being for scripting and sharing of said scripts not the videos as said in the general rules I fully understand and support not having that put on this site or have the function added.

I would suggest going over to this topic to discuss this any further about Torrents and such since I believe what I’ve said here is the limit before we may risk being seen as promoting it which again I do not for this site. (I don’t want this topic to be locked)

as a site maintainer, I don’t want to deal with the potential legal issues around that. Additionally, a lot of scripters probably won’t be on board to do that because then they 100% lose all control over their scripts, and idk how you’d even enforce paid scripts.

I could definitely see a private forum and tracker being an alternative. Just not something that I am looking to take on myself.

I’m curious, how do you guys handle copyright takedown requests at the moment?

For example if someone scripts a JAV, lets say they post a mega link, and a link to eporner.
What if instead of that eporner link, someone posts a link to a torrent site. not a direct magnet link, not something they uploaded themselves, and not even a private tracker, but a link to the public page. Aren’t these the same?

One can be removed, the other can’t.
P2P isn’t subject to takedown requests, unlike server hosting. You can request a takedown of trackers but not all the peers seeding a torrent. A platform condoning illegal torrenting is super risky.