Alternative for Transferring Videos & Funscripts to Quest 2

I recently purchased a Quest 2. I bought the Virtual Desktop app thinking I’d be able to play videos/funscripts from an external SSD without having to transfer the files to the Quest 2 since it takes nearly 15-20 minutes to transfer videos because the file sizes are so large.

Is there a way to play videos/funscripts from an external SSD using the Virtual Desktop app?

What are you using for transfer? It takes mine maybe a minute to transfer. Im using sidequest and a standard usb c cable.

You should try the Heresphere player. It is available in steam and for Quest 2. Just search a little about it in this forum. Make sure your wifi is fast enough. You could start reading here:

You can use the Virtual Desktop app to see your pc desktop on the Quest. Then you can use DeoVR or HereSphere via steam to watch VR videos on your Quest but they will be played on your pc.


I attached my Quest and SSD to my laptop then drag/drop files from SSD to the Ouest. Like I said before, the transfer time is usually 15-20 minutes because of the video file size.

Thanks, I’ll try that.

How I do it:
My external harddrive is connected to my Windows PC. Sharing the content of the hardrive in my network is enabled there.
On my Quest 2 I have installed heresphere via Sidequest. In Heresphere the path to my external Hardrive on my PC is installed. That is meanining I had to give in the correct IP address und the path of the shared folder. In Heresphere I can browse through the folders on my harddisk and stream them to the Quest.
In the settings of Heresphere you can insert your key of your toy like the one of the handy.
If you won’t install herespohere on your Quest you can install it instead on your PC via steam. Then you have to connect to your PC over Virtualdesktop and start the player in steam. All other steps are the same as I wrote before.

And you can also go both ways with Deovr if I remember correctly. But I do not know this for sure right know.

Thanks, Filbert. Appreciate your response.

I have my VR videos on an external hard drive connected to my laptop. I created a Samba server to share and stream videos to Pigasus VR player. This way you only have to copy the .funscript files to the Quest 2.

I just set this up last night and it’s awesome. You don’t even have to transfer the funscripts, I just have them in the same folder on my hard drive and Pigasus reads them

Where do I install the path to my external HHD in Heresphere?

It is described in the first link to the VR guide I posted before. Just look for the screenshots und the smb server section. You will find it in step 3.

I got it to work, thank you.

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