How to use scripts in VR - picture guide

→ Introduction

This guide is mentioned for all the people who want to use scripts with their VR setups. Descripted methods don’t require any account creation beside the ones used for headsets to operate. Step by step, picture after picture for even the most refractory people :slight_smile:

If you are looking for guide to connect your toy to SLR app then check this thread instead.

For the list of free VR scripts that you can use with these methods check this topic

→ Heresphere with Handy


  1. If you are using Quest 2 place your script and video in the same folder on your device or SMB/XBVR server. Make sure that both files are named the same.

    If you are using headset connected to PC (Rift S, Valve Index etc.) just make sure that both script and video are in the same folder and have the same name.

    (Optional) If you want to store scripts on Quest 2 then put the scripts in the “Interactive” folder in the root of your Quest (create the folder if don’t have it). Remember that the scripts inside the folder with the video are proritized.

  1. Open Heresphere and go to the “User Settings” as shown below:

  1. Type your Handy connection key and use the toggle over it to make it connected. You should see “Connected” message:

  1. Enjoy the scripts!

→ Heresphere/ Whirlgig with Scriptplayer (Handy/ Launch/ Keon/ buttplug)

This method requires Windows PC to play scripts.


  1. Make sure that your sex toy is connected to the Scriptplayer.

  1. Open Heresphere or Whirligig and enable remote control:

    a) HereSphere:

    NOTE: If you want to connect Heresphere to Scriptplayer over Wi-Fi make sure that the IP address is the IP of your PC on your local network (the one you are connecting to). If you don’t know what is your PC’s IP follow these steps: The local IP address of my PC was “”, yours will be probably similar.

    b) Whirligig:
    scriptplayer 1b

  1. Open Scriptplayer. From the “Video Player” menu select DeoVR for Heresphere or Whirligig for Whirligig:
    scriptplayer 2

    NOTE: If you want to connect Heresphere to Scriptplayer over Wi-Fi make sure that the IP address in the Scriptplayer’s settings is the IP of your Quest 2 (or other wireless headset) on your local network. If you don’t know what IP your Quest 2 has this short Youtube video might help. The local IP address of my Quest 2 was “”. Note that this IP address should be different than yours PC:

  1. If everything works you should see “Connected” message below the player name. If you see that it is still waiting to connect check if you have done 1st step correctly or if your firewall / antivirus doesn’t block the connection:
    scriptplayer 3

  1. Open video in the player of your choice. Make sure that both script and the video are in the same folder and have the same name. After opening the video Scriptplayer should automatically load the script.

  1. Control playback within Heresphere/ Whirligig and enjoy the scripts.

→ Setup of SMB server for Heresphere (optional)

If you want to stream videos and scripts from your PC to your Quest 2 you have to setup SMB server first. Below are the instruction for Windows.

This option works only with the Handy as your headset is not connected directly to the PC, you can’t use Scriptplayer via this method.


  1. Setup SMB server on the PC (instructions taken from Heresphere discord). Right-click on the image and open in new tab for better zoom:

  1. Open Heresphere on your Quest 2 while your PC is running and go to “SMB Network Shares”:

  1. Put your windows credentials and IP from the 1st step:

  1. Use the favorite button to save the SMB server for future usage:

  1. If everything works you should be able to see your shared folder. Note that you won’t be able to see funscript files, but if the scripts are located next to the video everything should work properly.

thanks for writing this. Do you want to enable the table of contents for easier navigation?

Yeah, it took me a while to write this and I forgot to add it. Thanks for the reminder

Quick question, I downloaded the script and video and put them both in the interactive folder on my quest 2 but when I open local files I only see the video no script

That’s because you can’t see funscript files in local browser, only videos. As long as the name of the funscript and the video is the same and they are in the same folder it should automatically load the script without problems.

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Appreciate the help I got it working now

Will the same method work on apple computers

I’m not really familiar with mac. What headset and device do you have?

Hi. I dont have a device yet. I’m looking at purchasing the Kiiroo Keon. Also that brings me to my next question. Is it a must to have a VR headset to use the interactive and connected features of the toys and scripts or will they work without the headset as well. Is the headset only needed for VR vids. And of I only synced without the headset it will just sync the strokes to the on screen action. Hope this makes sense.

Every script will be working with or without the headset, you can even use scripts without the videos, but for VR it’s recommended to have one. VR videos are similar to the flat videos, but you can look around for better immersion, kinda like Google Street View.

I know you can use Whirlgig with mouse to watch VR videos on Windows PC/laptop without the headset but the image will be a little distorted. I don’t think there is a way to watch VR videos on Mac without the headset but maybe there was someone with similar question earlier, you can try checking in the #help section.

I would look here to see how to connect Keon to your Mac:

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Sorry if this should be obvious. Are there any demo clips with scripts that I can use to just try this out and see if it’s all working? Obviously I can test using the videos at HandyFeeling but those don’t need me to add a script and connect direct to the Handy instead. I’d like to explore scripting but could use something to try just to see if I’ve got things working with my Oculus Quest and DeoVR.

There are 4 free interactive videos from CzechVR. You need to click on the small handy button on the left side of the download banner. After it opens right click and “save as”. For some reason it wanted to save it as ".txt " file in my case so just change the extension to “.funscript” and it should work:

And there is one free scene on SLR with a script afaik. You need to create free account to download the video:

Thanks. I discovered the recordings and scripts for the Handy MultiControl sessions and am trying to test that out, but I can’t get them to work using DLNA (Plex) in DeoVR. I have checked all the instructions at and everything is fine as far as I can tell - I already had “Other” as my library type and the filenames are identical on both the script and video file except for the extensions of course. But the script just never plays. Handy is synced and works within DeoVR at HandyFeeling just fine. But I can’t get it to work over DLNA.

Appreciate any tips anyone has! :smiley:

Hey Husky, sorry to bother you but I’m having an issue with ‘Using ScriptPlayer with DeoVR / Whirlgig (for Launch, Keon etc.)’.
I am using Keon, Quest 2 and DeoVR and after enabling remote control like instructed, ScriptPlayer states:
Not connected.
Open settings menu in selection scene or file browser. Toggle switch ‘Enable remote control’.
I have restarted my computer, opened each program in order, and also allowed ScriptPlayer to be allowed past the firewall.
All ScriptPlayer setting are default from installation.
Any suggestions on what can be done as I have been trying to solve this for days now with no resolve. Thanks.

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I used to have this problem and from what I remember it was connected to Windows Firewall. I think you need to open either 9943 or 9944 port in Firewall settings for both Whirlgig and Scriptplayer, but I am not sure, it was long time ago. Maybe try disabling Firewall for a minute and see if it connects?

Hi, it wont play in my headset, despite remote control being turned on and everything all linkjed up…any ideas why?


You should give a bit more information so that people can try to help.
Which VR headset do you use?
How do you connect the VR headset?
Do you stream directly from SLR, play local files on your computer/headset or use a DLNA server and stream from that?
Is it the video you have problem playing?
Is it the script that won’t load?

For the last one, the most common issue is that the video and the script isn’t named exactly the same (with the exception of the file extension).

sorry. So im using a quest 2 via Airlink on PC (1080ti) with The Handy. I have Scriptplayer connected to DEOVR, which has been configured to accept remote control. As per the instructions at the start of this thread I left DEOVR on whilst I requested Scriptplayer to use DEOVR, whcih it detected fine (screen shot above confirming this). The Handy is Synched (as per image above), but when I drop a video and script in script player (locally) it is not sending the video to play in DEOVR and the handy does not play the script. Script and video and named correctly, I went through all that already. Basically DEOVR is not receiving instuctions from Scriptplayer to play the video/script since it doesn launch the video

Also, ive just tried to connect The Handy to regular online mode for SLR (not local and via Airlink - i also tried via native Quest 2) and although The SLR/DEOVR app says it recognises The Handy and has sent the scripts, The Handy does not play the script. I have tried using Funscript to check if the connection is working and it does - the funscript website operates The Handy fine

Lots of good information there. I hope someone who owns a Quest 2 can help you. I use HTC Vive so unfortunately I can’t help you with this. Too many unknown variables :frowning:

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