An Index / Portfolio of all the community self-made video?

Hello everybody!

Yesterday I had an idea of creating an index / portfolio of all the community created self-made videos.

More and more users are creating their own PMVs and compilation and I think it’s a very cool thing to see. @Galbine recently created two compilations, @qweer as well and the latest one is from @achtstellige. There are probably more, that I missed. Something from the community members, for the community members.

The downside of a forum is, that threads tend to get buried way to easy and fast. Also people may overlook some threads and don’t even know of some of these threads. Because of that, I would like to create that said index.

It should function as permanent place and showcase for all the great videos, that the community has created. Making videos takes a lot of time and effort and it would be shame, if we don’t pay enough respect for these efforts. In long side I hope more users are getting motivated in trying to make their own videos because of that and users, who already created videos, are more motivated to create more videos.

How it would work:
I make a thread in the portfolio section. The main post would contain all the community created videos. Everybody can post a link(s) to community created video(s) and I will add them in the main post. It pretty much functions like the script index’, that many scripters already have. Also, if you are a creator yourself, drop a link there and I’ll add your thread to the main post.

So, what do you think?

I make a poll for this, but every written discussion and opinions are greatly appreciated as well :slightly_smiling_face:

There are two polls. One for the creators, who produce these videos and for the users, who consume these videos.

AS A CREATOR: Would you like an index, to showcase all the community created videos?
  • Yes
  • No
  • I have no opinion on this

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AS A USER: Would you like an index, to showcase all the community created videos?
  • Yes
  • No
  • I have no opinion on this

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Thank you very much for all the votes and opinions on this one.



The idea is good, but I noticed that the portfolio is not often looked at either. Most members of the community open nothing but the scripts and requests section

This is a solid point, but I don’t think that (outside of a better proposal) it’s enough to kill the idea of an index.

Reading the original post and qweer’s reply, the only thing that comes to my mind would be a “homegrown” category specifically intended to showcase video content created by site members… buuuuuuuut since this is a scripting community first and foremost, I don’t really think that would fit the site.

I dunno. Still considering, but those are the thoughts I have off the cuff.

Should be able to turn it into a wiki, so anyone can edit it directly instead of relying just on you.

We could also turn on auto-deletion of replies after a period of time so that any discussion of updates doesn’t get buried over time.

You can also combine both approaches above

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