An OSR2+ story

First off let me say, I am not rich by any means, but I do not have to worry about spending some money on a sex machine. So it all started when I saw the launch for the first time, I was intrigued but not sold. Then i saw the RSM and after enough seeing the demo vids and drinks I ordered one. I just heard they added support for funscripts on the RSM, I haven’t tested it yet. Eventually the RSM got kinda boring and programming it to have different stokes etc, was kind of a drag. Big plus tho using the quickshots for edging and gooning, I don’t last nearly as long in full sized sleeves. That led me to start searching for the launch and things that can be used with scripts “be in the scene” as they say, rather than the RSM that can only repeat script patterns I program and I have to change the speed in the machine language, cant happen during a script, so if I want it to go full speed I have to stop the script change the speed open the new file of scripts for that speed and start again. So then I bought a KEON Kiiroo (the launch had been discontinued) got it all hooked up with some things off this website and off to the races! I squished a destroya sleeve in there (stock sleeve is garbage) I use some large hose clamps to attach it to a metal shelf braket and the other end I use c clamp to attach it to the desk during use. So then I started to see the OSR’s in action.

I bought my OSR2+ a few months ago, and I haven’t done much since, hehe. Out of the box, I bought it from a builder, it was reversed on all actions including the I-lube upgrade (5 stars, A+ addon). I joined the discord and got some help and eventually got it running perfectly. First few uses were much more difficult, getting all the settings adjusted in T-Code to fit my junk and position where its mounted during use. I am pretty handy and have been a mechanic most of my life so I decided to upgrade the servos. The RSM is a servo machine as well and Ive had a few RC toys in my time so I figured why not. Also one of the OG servos burned and smoked before I could use it the first time (it happens…) I bought a set of the pink servos from amazon, and got it working before I bought the really pricey servos. I got the JX 32kg servos recommended as an upgrade, what a difference, they are so quiet compared to the pinks.

Remember when I said I haven’t done much else? Well yea I got deep in the goon, lol. Forward 2 months or so, the JX servos stripped out a gear. after opening the gearbox the stripped gear is pretty thin. So next set of servos I got based on the thickness of the gears. I got the amazon blue 35kg, these things are quiet, cost effective and smooth.

If you’re on the fence about purchasing one or printing it out, just know you have to have some knowledge of building things to own one. I got it knowing it is not a retail ready to go item but damn it works great once you get it all dialed in. So glad I found this place haha



I will look into the servo you mentioned. Do you mind sending me a link?

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