Android funscript support for Keon without VR headset

I’m trying to get funscripts working on an Android device without using a separate PC or VR headset.

I’ve reviewed the big HOWTO document and it seems to be recommending SLR Interactive plus the SLR Player or DeoVR app. While I did manage to get SLR Interactive to control my device after registering an account on their free page, I couldn’t get a good SLR Player/DeoVR install. All the platforms supported for downloads for both apps seem to require Android-based VR environments that I obviously don’t have set up with no headset. Is there any way to get either of these apps to install and then just fall back to no VR at all?

I see that there is a Windows-based solution using Whirligig, but I’m looking for something that would run standalone on Android.


Same thing here I’ve got no vr support on Android need a script and video player on this platform

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The simple answer is no. You can try to transfrom your phone into VR headset by buying Google Cardboard, there are also some plastic alternatives if you want something a little more durable.

But even there you will need another phone to connect to Keon if I understand correctly. The only device that can be connected directly to DeoVR / SLR app is the Handy and that’s only because funscripts are sent to it via their server.

Even Whirlgig requires Scriptplayer to be running in the background so it’s not as simple as launching the app itself, and the image is nothing close compared to what you can experience with proper VR headset.

I dont have a keon but if it has bluetooth like a launch try syncydink for 2d.

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