Android local video error

Hy all! I have problem with local vr videos on Android.

It I play net videos on deovr/sor app its good but when I download a stereo MP4 video from an interactive Site and seatch from Mobile folder its play doubled? So in the left eye can see the full stereo video and in right too…any help?Screenshot_2021-04-29-08-06-27-165_com.slr.cardboard !Screenshot_2021-04-29-08-06-40-913_com.slr.cardboard

Below the play button there is a grey filled rectangle button. Click on that and select side by side and it should switch to a stereoscopic view. I see that you managed to switch from flat to 180 degree view with the button to the right of the one I’m talking about and that is also necessary.

An alternative is if you rename the video file and add 180_3dh to the name. That will be detected by SLR/DeoVR and the app will select side by side view and 180 degree field of view automatically.

Stereo mode in player is only for if the control panel shall be rendered in 3D or not. That doesn’t control the video playback.

The buttons not but the command Line in filename worked. Thank You werry much!

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