Another biased Syncbot review

Full disclosure: I received my Syncbot Pro for free after winning a contest here on Eroscripts.

Slibowitz posted an extremely detailed review here: Detailed review about the Syncbot. Honestly, it hits the nail on the head and my review won’t be nearly so detailed. Rather, I’ll be addressing some additional things that jumped out at me (mostly in an unorganized stream-of-conciousness style because that’s just how my head works).

Before that, let me say the device is incredible. The hardware feels solid, it’s easy to clean, and IMO it’s much quieter than The Handy. If you really want to turn the noise level down you can disable the rotation, but you’re really missing out if you do. The soft bits also feel incredible. They call it “Ace-Cream” is it’s hard to describe. Imagine jello made with whipped cream and you’re getting close.

Pro Version: The pro vs standard version will set you back about $143 USD at the time I’m writing this. For that, you receive a bunch more of their lube, a custom caliper to help take the “scabbard” apart for cleaning (the bits that touch your junk), and a second scabbard. I haven’t touched the second scabbard yet, and the lube is really good, but based only on this I couldn’t recommend the pro version. What puts it over the top is the case. The case it comes in feels like it costs more than $143 all by itself. It looks like a large gun case and has hard foam cutouts that fit perfectly around everything. It’s so nice I’d feel comfortable walking around in public with it. If you can afford it, I recommend splurging.

Lube: The little containers of lube advertise “one shot for one shot”, but I disagree. I did that for my first use and it just made a mess. It is a nice, water based lube that’s very thick and stringy, but still watery instead of a jelly. I usually use about half of one container each time and that feels like plenty to me. I haven’t tried the device with any other lube. I used Astroglide w/ the Handy, but the Syncbot lube is much more viscous. I’m honestly not certain how well it would work. I’ve used the lube for an hour-long plus session and never had to reapply or wet it, though.

Touch controls: I like buttons I can feel in the dark, and a few times I’ve accidentally paused a video when I grabbed the thing wrong. There is a feature that lets you place your hand over the whole touch sensor to lower the intensity that makes orgasms a lot better. I like that you don’t have to quickly feel around while the device goes crazy over your now highly-sensitive member post-orgasm. I do wish there was an option to stop the Syncbot after 5-10 seconds of lowering the intensity. I only have two hands and there have been times I had to let the thing go crazy on me until I could reach over and stop the video.

Not related to the touch controls, but I’ve noticed that sometimes the device will just go nuts and start rapidly moving up and down, even when the video is paused. It happened once post-orgasm and yikes!

Feel: I’ve never felt anything like this. It took me a while to figure out how to hold it since the thing has a mind of it’s own once it gets going. You can loosely support it with your fingers and let it slide up and down you, or hold it in place almost all the way down and get some suction when it tries to move up & down. The Handy does a great job simulating a good hand-job. This thing does stuff that I don’t think could ever be copied with an actual human partner. YMMV, but it takes quite a bit of time for me to orgasm using it. It’s an incredible, but confusing feel. This may be dramatic, but it feels like the device is bullying me into an orgasm even though my body has no idea what’s going on with it. It’s pretty intense.

Windows/Software/API: Here’s where things go downhill. The main software requires a Windows x64 PC. I have a Microsoft Surface tablet with an ARM processor and it refused to run on it. That’s fair since it’s listed in the requirements, but I had to go through quite the hoop to get it set up in a way I could live with. The actual Syncplayer software is ok, but has no real organizational value. I’d love to see something like tagging available so I’m not looking through my entire library for something I’m in the mood for. The syncing itself also doesn’t feel as connected to the video as a nice human-created funscript, especially with PMVs. I use fun2sync for all my PMV/HMVs.

I’ve seen there’s an Android app that lets you take manual control over it, but I haven’t tried it. Part of what I like about these toys is not having to worry about that.

The biggest plus The Handy has over the Syncbot is its openness. Want some weird, in-depth setup with Buttplug or XToys? You can do that with The Handy. Want to just go to Faptap and click on whatever looks good? You can do that too. Want to use MFP to save a playlist you like? The Handy will happily work with you. The Syncbot on the other hand only seems to want to work with the software V&T themselves made. Now, that may not be a big deal to some, but I think what the community created around The Handy is pretty cool. I think that level of openness would benefit the Syncbot a lot.

Bottom line: I’m really, really glad I won this because I just could not afford a $500 sex toy right now. If you can, you should. It feels very well made and I imagine I’ll be getting a ton of use out of it over the years.


Nice review. I’d try it out, but it costs more than I think the majority are willing to shell out for one.