Any addicts like myself out there who wish more scripts were made at a faster rate?

I’ve had the handy for almost 1.5 years now.

I’ve gone through every single script on SLR for at least 10 mins +, Czech VR, NAVR, and most importantly every single scripts on ERO.

I have a few of my favorites in each website, but still feel scripts are lacking overall in variety.

When is the damn AI funscripter creator going to roll out!? IAM FIENDING!


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Same here but with hentai. In my case i buy scripts last shoping was for 85 scripts but i dont have time to chceck them out coz i live with my family

lol, sometimes, you just gotta do it yourself.

Scripts are like blowjobs. Nobody wants ot make a script but everyone loves enjoying one. I think very few can make any decent money making them, so they are a labor of love and I am so glad when people share them.


i’ve made several fast scripts check it out on my portfolio .

wouldn’t be an awful idea to start learning some machine learning/AI to build your own scripting tools

Yeah, I sometimes do quick and dirty ones on my own… but even that takes quite a bit of time… nothing good enough i’d be willing to share publically. not even to the quality i did for my first ever script that i shared when i was just learning how the stuff worked…

If someone paid me… Yeah i’d do that shit all day. but i need to eat. I actually find scripting kinda relaxing…

I’d even do it for US minimum wage, since the US dollar is so strong right now compared to the canadialand money.

hmm I just got an idea… maybe i can do “preorders” for scripts… get enough people to commit to buying the script and then start working on it… Kinda like crowdfunding except i give the money back if i fail to do it in a decent amount of time.

Money makes me talk.

Hentai is low i seen too. every time i buy a new script I get bored of it a few days later. sigh