Any desire for a section on maker/building/3d printing related topics?

idk how much use it’ll get, but there are some people building physical stuff and it doesn’t really fit anywhere right now


Wouldn’t hurt, would be a good place to move/have topics about physical modifications in general too


I Think it’s a good idea for them to have their own section. It might encourage people to post about it more.


I think it would be great to have a dedicated place for these things! :smiley:


…aye, good call.

All the different handsfree solution threads are crying out for a section like that…

good idea !

Great idea. We could also find and move there some related topics, like self-made mounts discussions and such that are usually lost after few days.

I agree also.

I don’t think that there would be a lot of discussion in it (compared to the other section) but this would make it easier to find old discussions of that type. For the example of @TheLandOfInfiniteFun with hands-free mounts, it would be nice to see all the options in the same place. A two-year-old solution might be exactly what someone needs.

Like @husky said, currently, those topics are lost pretty quickly in the ‘wave’ of topics on scripts and are hard to find later.


and if there are old topics that belong here, the OPs and I think trust level 3+ people can move them

Could we name it “DIY / 3D printing” or just DIY? Maker sound a little weird to me but very intruiging at the same time for sure.

sure, I DIY was what I was looking for, but I couldn’t actually remember the word lol…

Maker is more appropriate really. DIY sort of implies that you haven’t had formal training doing it. There are those of us here that have had formal training doing some of these projects. It’s just a matter of doing it independently instead of as a part of a company which is what gets lumped together with DIY to be called Maker.

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@TheLandOfInfiniteFun following the discussion in, would changing the name to Maker or something similar help?

…i agree with @Husky that ‘Maker’ sounds a bit weird. ‘Manufacturer’ sounds too professional for most of the content. i thought about ‘DIO’ (Do It Ourselves) but then the thread would inevitably be spammed with countless JoJo references… *sigh

'DIY is the appropriate name for what the section represents, and i agree with @burningshroom that his stuff is not DIY. i don’t want his stuff to get lost, but it’s definitely a ‘Sales’ related thing, so i can see it staying there. Maybe a second thread in DIY directing the curious to the Sales one would help?

As it stands, things work okay, it was just the number of threads that could go into a ‘sleeves’ section is surprisingly large. Though one can search by Tag, it’s not immediately intuitive, if there was a ‘Sleeves’ category staring new people in the face when they visit the site, it might help. It’s clearly a topic people want to talk about.

i’m loath to request new categories because of cluttering up the main screen, hopefully there won’t be too many more! Maybe a proper sub menu for General might help? Those box’s at the top you click on are not very intuitive, i know i’m a bit dense, but i only just realized you can use them to find sub menu’s.

But it’s not a biggie, as long as peeps can find what they want at the end of the day, it’s all good…

From a quick search, it looks like there aren’t that many sleeve related topics in #general. So I’m leaning towards not having a sleeve specific category. But if others feel strongly otherwise, speak up

It’s not unreasonable for me to use an “advanced” tag.