Any fellow scripters interested in a joint script experiment?

im really interested to see if it can be done successfully as i see no reason why not, 2 scripters is all thats needed to try, but more can jump on board of course

but lets say 2 scripters, me and somebody else, we agree on a scene to script, lets say its 40mins long, we both agree to take 20mins of it each, we agree on who does the first 20 and they start, there would be no time limits of course, this would be completely done in your own time just like when making any other script, nothing changes, you just do your thing, except when you have completed your 20 mins you pass it on for the other scripter to do his 20 mins, i see it as a way to especially do the longer scenes without it being such a daunting task but any scene really, of course more than 2 scripters on board means less time scripting for each scripter, in this case if we had 4 on board it would be 5mins each which is easy peasy lol obviously though any scripts done this way would be freebies, no need to complicate it with money issues, i dont expect any interest sadly but it would be nice to give a shot if there is anybody interested in trying,

i feel it would be best if the scripters were decent enough though and have a fair amount of good scripts under there belt, otherwise you would have 20mins of pleasure and 20 mins of frustration lol which isnt ideal

anyways its just an idea ive had for a good while, anybody have any interest?

If you want I can send you over half of the script for RealJamVR - Love Shadows Night Passion with Venera Maxima (around 15 minutes left) as I don’t have a lot of time currently to finish it although I’m not sure if this scene would be in your interests.

It’s a neat idea, I had a lot of scripts in the past that I couldn’t make myself to finish after doing over half of them.

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A tool that automatically merge two or more scripts into one would probably be better than working i shifts on one script. That would make it possible to work on a script in parallel. Two or more scripters have their own script file and the tool take all points and store it in one output script file. Add metadata and fix the seams between the script files used as source and it is done.

You can probably use the multi-axis support to load more than one script in a project and manually do copy/paste as well.

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Both JFS and OFS has functions to easy merge multiple scripts for the same video. In JFS it was some paste function (paste with timestamps?), in OFS as you wrote you just load multiple scripts in the same session and copy paste them into one. Maybe in OFS it’s a little easier because you can see if the scripts don’t accidentaly overlap, but I guess multiple people can work on the same script simultaniously if they want to as long as they agree where one stops and another starts.

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I think you guy’s ideas are genius! The merge together of scripts made in parallel would seem like it would allow big scripts to be made quickly! This would give a real feeling of sucksess to the team.!

But I think of a more involved method based on technique.
I believe that Scripters have, via style or pacing individually unto themselves, a TECHNIQUE.
I believe that pornstars have, via action or fame, individually unto themselves, a TECHNIQUE.
I would tell scripter #1 to script all actor #1 motions.
I would tell scripter #2 to script all actor #2 motions.
I would tell scripter #3 to script all actor #3 motions. What do you think is next?

Each pornstar with a different scripter in a COMBINED technique to enjoy.
I think this would be fun from start to finish!

that particular scene is not really in my interests but that could actually be a better and easier idea, we could have a section in ‘scripts’ on this forum where scripters could post any NON SLR works in progress and see if anybody would be willing to take it off there hands, and if its a scene they are personally a fan of i dont see why they wouldnt do it

for example, if a scripter had done a chunk of the MILFVR bree daniels scene and had 30 mins left but they had grown tired of scriting it and wanted to move on to another project, i would be happy to take it off there hands and finish that 30 mins and give the due credits when posting it on here,

that could be a very helpfull thing to have available imo

do you have any other unfinished scripts? there may be one among them that im interested in you never no :slight_smile:

Not really in the state that I would feel comfortable sharing. But if I will have something I might give you a heads up for sure.

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cool :slight_smile: hopefully others show some interest also