Any information on lubricants?

I lubricated it with Super Lube grease at home, but there was no effect on noise suppression…

Same. I lubed with super lube but the noise didn’t go away - only increases over time.

I think lubing the screw will only reduce the noises caused by an increased friction on it. If the noises came from other mechanism, it probably won’t help.

Yeah noise wouldn’t go away no matter what I tried. I use an SR6 right now and it’s even worse for noise. So I opted to use noise-cancelling headphones instead. Now I don’t hear any noise lol

With a lot of mechanic connections, it takes repeated action (and maintenance) to keep things smooth. Waiting until issues is generaly too late.

And lubrication might not show any effect the first time. But if you for example only apply minimal lube every week, but do that for a few months, that lube by connection will often still be transferred into the other mechanical parts, and therefor reduce friction there. There is a reason they ask you to run the device for like 10 minutes after lubrication. But even then, device position matters. Some angles are better to let lube penetrate.

This is why maintenance is recommended, since its easier to keep a lube level in a device then it is to get it into the device when it dried up/is pushed out.

Also, internal wear (which even lube cant prevent) eventualy will cause more noise. Depending on what you ask of the device (high speed and lots of changes) you can speed up that wear process. And at some point this will settle again.

And considering the power of the handy, i would say noise is to be expected anyway. The only way it could be more silent is if its speed gets capped earlier. Which can be done by just limiting the script.

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