Any one tried a SVAKOM Sam Neo

I noticed a new interactive sex toy. It’s called Sam Neo made by SVAKOM. Has anyone tried it out?


Woah - dock that baby into a OSR2 or SR6 and things could get real interesting.


Been wanting to try that but too few reviews out there is making me hold out for now

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Actually I just pulled the trigger on picking it up, found a pretty good discount code off of some reviewers video on youtube so it brought the price down to $63 from the sale price of “$90” direct from the company site


I may just buy one.

what youtube video did you find the discount? That’s a good deal.

I found it

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Good call on the coupon I just ordered one thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah, thanks for the coupon code…totally didn’t need to spend 65$ but mine as well try it for that price.

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Doing our best to support it with the SexLikeReal app and Haptics Connect


Coupon code is: 30LOVE
for 30% off for people who were looking


An Amazon review:
The vacuum is too strong it causes congestion and burns. The vibration is not comfortable.

So it sucks the snot into your sinuses? Then they start to burn? Sounds like Covid to me.

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im talking about having your dick inside of it

Well, got mine yesterday. I liked it. But it probably won’t work on the Handy or OSR2. The seal is too tight. So you can’t pull it up and down very easily. I think the handy and OSR2 would stall, unless you could sync them with the off cycle of the vacuum. It would take some coordination to do that, and the vacuum would keep one from those fast strokes. Even with the vacuum off It would stall you machine. The SVAKOM Sam Neo must have a push (or pressure) cycle after the vacuum to get the thing to stroke.

The only interactive media that I could find is provided by feelconnect or feelme. That means I am not a fan of that website. The scripting is very poor, which messes up the reality of the video.

Now I am looking to find a way to do my own scripting or looking forward to Realsync or SLR to put together something worth while.

It worked the best when standing and letting the SamNeo slide down when the vacuum cycle is in of position. It was all automatic. Vacuum pulls it up the dick, off lets it slide down, then it comes back on and pulls itself up to the hilt again. Very nice experience while watching Cockhero videos. But again it needs some decent scripts.

The problem with standing is that the vacuum device is at the bottom. If there is any leaking it will leak into the vacuum pump.

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Super curious about this device, and wondering how you guys find it compared to other devices you guys own

For sure I would be interested in helping fine tuning scripting and playback to it if its a worthwhile device

@cane-man @GenesisHypno @Lynara @abe603 @Cloudyfire - which toys have you tried to compare to and is it worth picking one up would you say?

You guys should be able to test all current scripts like usual by connecting through Buttplug and scriptplayer (Option 3) using this guide → How To Connect Your 147+ Sex Toys For Interactive 2D and VR! (Including the HANDY, Fleshlight LAUNCH, Kiiroo KEON, VORZE, LOVENSE, and more) Step by Step Guide with Pictures!)

Just ensure you have latest scriptplayer beta and buttplug initface update as the Svako Sam Neo is listed as currently supporte


Got mine Thursday, thanks for the guide, I’ll give it a go when I get a chance and report back!

I haven’t tried it personally.
I quoted a review from Amazon.

I haven’t received mine yet I have a handy as well so I will try to compare

Please share a comparison review if you have the opportunity! Always interesting to get honest feedback comparing us to new toys.