Any particular background you would like to request for Passthrough videos?

Getting some really great feedback for custom CG background for our AR Passthrough videos In Love with You (CGI) - SLR Originals | SexLikeReal. Looking forward to expand it ultimately offering you guys to choose scene background and offering you PT mode for every video out there with the help of AI.

Accepting background ideas now. Also you can create background composites on your own following following steps:

  1. download original video
  2. download alpha
  3. prepare CGI BG:
  • Model
  • Add materials (and textures)
  • Lights
  • Animate
  • “Solve” the camera (place it so it matches the scene)
  • Render
  1. composite original video over BG with alpha applied

Add full res alpha to max out the quality. We will provide you with greenscreen raw files.

Static background support is comming into the app with upcoming updates so you can have any image you like for background.

We are having a good progress creating passthrough version of almost every video. Should release it for streaming soon.

The rest of the logic is the same as compilations Create your own Compilations and PMVs on SexLikeReal - SLR VR porn videos and interactive sex toys hangout

Contact for details

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Accepting background ideas now :fire:

Could probably get a lot of mileage out of a mountaintop view over a busy place, in dawn/day/dusk variations.

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Huh I feel like I have seen this somewhere involuntarily.@Falafel :thinking:

Those replies are absolutely great haha.