Any product design companies for sex toys?

Really curious if you guys know any companies providing product design services for sex toys in Europe, USA or elsewhere.

Would really to touch base. We have got mechanical prototype for SLR device, looking to put it into an actual product now.

The Handy is located in EU/Norway: The Handy β€” Sex toy that revolutionizes masturbation

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They are manufacturer. We are looking for product design studio. Someone who creates hardware models that could later be turned into actual manufacturing units

ask literally any group or company that specializes in mechanical / precision / electrical engineering.

Sex toys are different. If nothing else we will go with a legacy product design company

A design company with experience of designing personal care products should probably be close enough.

Good thinking :+1:

Now I need some particular companies to start with

Maybe ask Amorelie. It’s a German company from Berlin and a relatively large distributor of sex toys in Europe. IIRC they also design and produce several products in-house. I came to it because the Head of R&D once gave an interview on YouTube about his job as a sex toy designer.

Curious if there are any fresh concepts in sex toys product design