Any product like the handy that can use fleshlights?

Is there any products that can use fleshlights and play funscripts?

The autoblow ultra ai can fit Fleshlights in and play funscripts also I may be wrong but I think the Fleshlight launch can also play funscripts not to sure though

Kiiroo Keon + Keon compatible case ( works! I tried with fleshlight sleeves and works well.

If you are into building things

The fleshlight launch absolutely can play funscripts and there are instructions on this site on how to update the firmware to make it run even better.

You can use a Fleshlight in the Handy, with an adapter.

More broadly speaking, in terms of “like the Handy”, the OSR2 is designed to hold Fleshlights, and outperforms the Handy in all respects other than quietness. It’s a DIY device, though you can buy pre-built devices as well.

In most cases, you can rig up basically any sleeve with any device that’s large enough to accommodate it.

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