SSR1 Stroker Device Video

Hi guys.

I really don’t enjoy self promotion, but my patrons have been telling me that I need to spread the word a bit further about my current project: SSR1.

It doesn’t have the multi-axis capabilities of OSR2 or SR6, but it’s A LOT quieter! It’s an alpha-level design, but I’ve now got the recorded speed and stroke length to a point where it’s superior to The Handy, even loaded up with a Feel Stroker.

Like my other creations it’s a TCode device so it works with JFP, XTP, MFP and the SLR PC app over USB. I’m working to bring WiFi to it in the very near future.

Happy Building!


Nice, any sound level videos?


If this will eventually work with ScriptPlayer AND has a way to use a variety of sleeves/onaholes with a strap or adjustable attachment system I will be all over this!


This looks fantastic, maybe I’ll finally get around to setting up my 3D printer I bought 4 years ago to build a SR6 :joy:


Great work with this. Ill have to build one eventually. Still haven’t mastered my SR6 yet, but in your option @Tempest which of you machines would be best for Cock Hero/beat based videos?


He mentions it is more quiet than the Handy if I can recall.

I am pretty sure it already is capable of using scripts.

That would mean any software that uses TCode.


I could be wrong and I am sure that if I am he will let us know.


Hopefully the servos are stronger then the handy since it can hold the fleshlight


Mine makes less noise than my Keon, and it was quieter than his Handy in the video.

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As an owner of an SR6, I can tell you Tempests taoys are mindblowingly good and outclass anything else in the world currently. I have not tried this one because I’m so over the moon for my SR6, but this looks awesome, and I can attest to the fact that Tempest delivers what he promises. This is the latest iteration of the tech he’s making, and for the last two years, I’ve been thrilled with the pace of development, and the experiences these toys give me. The community of people on Tempest’s Discord are terrific and very supportive, plus it is so much fun to make this stuff and learn how to do it. Get one! Get two! Gotta get 'em all!


It works great with MFP, XTP, and the deprecated intiface/buttplug software.
There were a few adapters for an earlier version of the SSR1 to use multiple onaholes and also a full size fleshlight case on Tempest’s discord. They didn’t allow the front cover to be mounted, so it had to be used like a Handy. Maybe they have already released versions for the latest revision up on the discord?

SSR1 doesn’t use a servo, but instead a brushless gimbal motor. This is where the big jump in noise reduction comes from, when compared to SR6 and OSR2. IIRC the motor used is GM4108H which seems plenty strong based on the specs. Though, there is a gearing that has to be accounted for.

Been watching this for a while and finally pulled the trigger on parts to start my build. Excited to compare to SR6.

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I would like to see what speed can be obtained with that motor and a fleshlight. Based on the design as shown it seems like there’s no chance at outperforming the handy. See calculations below:

Motor specs: 47mm diameter, 11.1 ohm resistance, 130kv.

I made a similar device with a bigger motor, 92mm diameter, 0.1ohm resistance 130kw. What I found is that the thing (the motor) overheats (goes above it’s rated temperature) at 15A continuous. Let’s perform some calculations:

15A^2 * 0.1ohm = 22W.
Big motor has around 3 times the surface area of small motor, so small motor will overheat at around 7W continuous power. That’s 0.83A (speed doesn’t matter)

Motor torque constant Kt is 8.27 / Kv = 0.063 Nm/A. At max continuous power that’s 0.052 Nm.

Judging from the video he uses an 32 toothed pulley, that’s 0.01m pulley radius. The final torque produced is 5.2 N = 500g = insufficient to lift a fleshlight against gravity. This matches my experience, with 130kv motor and 32 tooth pulley I need 1.2A to hold the FL against gravity. I must be missing something.

Comparing to other commercial stroker devices: fleshlight launch, handy, both of these use big can-style motors with low resistance, high kv (around 1000kv) and big gear reduction (lead screw). The SR6 uses servo’s, which are constructed with can-style motors plus big gear reduction. Why would they do that? BLDC motors with low Kv (commonly referred to as gimball motors) are very inefficient, for max efficiency you’d want high Kv motor with gear reduction, which is what the launch, handy and servo’s use. Keep in mind that even the handy overheats, and that design has a substantially more efficient motor with substantially more surface area.

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perhaps ,mods, and repairs , such as using and modding the shells of keon and keon parts, having 2 keons down, first was probably the most common break a special nut, yet the small controller board shuts down and haven’t been able to reset it the other seems to have failed due to a bad usb charger.thought i coukld just switch a few things. and get 1 working model. since the first had a physical failure, one would say the board should be good, then the idea of simply taking that nut, from to replace. but, i would say there should be manby good parts left to the two i have since kiiro simple sent a replace ment. means to me these are way cheaper devices .

I have seen lots of discussions about heat build up and motors not being able to keep up, even with SR6 users, but in my personal experience I have never had any problems. In fact, my cheap servos hardly get warm and I play for hours at a time without stopping. What I have experienced is that the SR6 has been able to easily handle every scene and script I have ever tried it with, and I have used some toys heavier than the fleshlight. Granted, this is a different design, but Tempests engineering has proven to be good.

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Heat is only a problem when you cant get rid of it. A motor that heats up more, but has better cooling can outperform a stronger motor that generates less heat, because if that strong motor has less heat mitigation, it must be limited to avoid it storing the heat slowly over time.

The same diffirence between a pc and a laptop. Laptops use weaker CPUs which generate less heat at normal speeds, but can be ‘overclocked’ in bursts where they generate more heat. Laptops do have excessive cooling for normal speeds, but lack cooling for that overclock state. Allowing it to just balance it out.
A PC CPU often doesnt have this luxury because in the case there are often more heatsources, and more air to contain the heat. Heat sticks longer there making that burst method less efficient (its still there, because easy to make these days).

Heat management can do a lot. And this does include ideal operating temperatures (motors are often performing better when warm as thats better for its lubrication).

The static force from this stroker is about 1.9kgf with the 30 tooth pulley, which is easily enough to lift a 500g fleshlight. The stroking you see in the video (12cm @ 2.5 strokes/sec) was when I demonstrated it on a livestream with the Feel Stroker installed.

The motor runs at 20V and whilst the coil resistance is 11 ohms the control software dynamically limits the current in the motor to 1 Amp. Heat generation only appears to become an issue if the motor is stalled for long periods of time.

I’m not going to claim to be an expert on electric motors. I’m very much learning all of this stuff as I go along. What I do know is that I have patrons using this device who are reporting that it works and I’m not hearing a lot of issues about overheating. Always willing to be proven wrong though.


will you be including a 1/4 inch thread at the top / back? i am currently using the 3d printed handy adapter with an magic arm, so would be nice to have that aswell on the ssr1.

Very cool project. The servo noise has always been the reason I never build one of your toys.
Also the convenience of wifi is a huge factor. Will be following this closely


How much does this cost to put together? and is there a ready made version available to purchase yet?

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