Any recommendation for a new toy?

I used to use fleshlight launch, but it just broke down yesterday.
I was thinking of getting a new toy, but wasn’t sure which is the best on the market.
I’m probably only going to use up&down motion, and any recommendation would be appreciated

There are a couple of sellers on here for the OSR2, depending on your location have a look into that. The basic version handles up and down and there are sever add-ons that are around too.

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I can highly recommend the Handy.

This + scripts is awesome.
This + vr + scripts are even more awesome.


+1 for The Handy. Best toy I’ve ever used. Especially when mounted and using VR + scripts.

Remove the Launch from the voting list and you have my winner :wink:

OSR2+ with the T-Wist add on for the win.

Faster, longer stroke depth, multiple axis’ and a lot more feature that you can choose from. Heating, lubing, suction etc.

I have both Handy & OSR2+.

Hands down OSR2+ with T-Wist & iLube add ons and a good VESA mount is light years better than Handy. Handy is much simpler with less features. It also is too difficult to do hands free.

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