Any risk sharing videos via Mega?

I have quite a few videos that I’m interested in scripting that aren’t easily found. I have a Mega account and I can share from there, I’m just curious what the risks are. I’ve been hesitant to share many videos around because I don’t want it coming back to me and getting pounded with a lawsuit or something… I know there’s always an inherent risk, but how much is that mitigated by using a Mega (or Mega-like) account? Any suggestions on how to share videos in the most anonymous manor possible?

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You can either upload to a streaming site but take a generous quality loss or you can put videos in a password-protected zip file and put it on MEGA. That being said, I find MEGA to be pretty safe so it all depends on the paranoia level one is at.

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worst thing they have done to me is just delete the video or the folder from my account. you can zip it and set a password for the video. Thats what I’ve been doing for some videos.

this forum is not going to get enough traffic for mega to be interested in it. But if you are worried, you can use temporary mail and vpn

Just put your Videos in an Archive with an Password over it. This way MEGA can’t look inside.

Thank you all!

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even if you lock the zip with a password the account can get banned if you are getting reported.